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Three days of SpaceX’s all-civilian Inspiration4 mission are over. A lot of images and videos of the crew are visible from Elon Musk Twitter. They did good research while going around Earth. They even live-streamed their zero-gravity ukulele performance. Also, they even live-streamed the phone call with their colleagues back home. Surprisingly their first meal in space was pizza. This meal became cold.  Elon Musk said “sorry” and said that now Dragon capsule will have warm food, and also free Wi-Fi. Elon Musk email.

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The free WiFi thing that Musk mentioned was actually the Starlink project that SpaceX will be undertaking. SpaceX is currently operating an amazing satellite Internet constellation. This is for the purpose of low-latency Internet access to most of the Earth. Currently, this is available in 14 regions including Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US.

Elon Musk Twitter Says Next SpaceX Mission Will Have Free Wi-Fi, Food Warmer

The interesting fact is here is that Inspiration4 is the first orbital space flight. Four private citizens were sent aboard for a four-day mission. SpaceX earlier reported that the 4 members are healthy and happy. When they went to bed for their first night, they had traveled 5.5 times around Earth. They were gazing out of the Dragon ship’s cupola. This is the largest space window for enjoying meals. The meals they had included coffee and tea, pizzas (cold), sandwiches, meatballs, salamis, and some mouthwatering snacks like skittles and ginger chews.

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This mindboggling Inspiration mission launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre is present in Florida. It launched just after 2 months Richard Branson flew to space. Richard Branson flew in his Virgin Galactic spacecraft followed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on his Blue Origin vehicle. Elon Musk IQ.Elon Musk religion.Elon Musk hair.

This is the newest mission of SpaceX, which Elon Musk founded in 2002 with a sole aim to colonize Mars and make it fit for human survival. SpaceX mission patches.Elon Musk tweet today.Tesla Crash.Tesla hoverboards.

This amazing Inspiration4 will return to Earth later Saturday according to US time. The splashdown is set for a little after 7 pm EDT (4:30 am IST Sunday) off the Florida coast.

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