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Epic Games is one of the largest video game industry companies of this time. It has a  lot of major properties like Fortnite, Epic Games Store Unreal Engine, and more under its belt. The company has now announced that it currently hosts over 500 million Epic Games accounts. This is so huge for the company.

Epic Games account allows users to purchase and play PC. They also let players play games like Fortnite and Rocket League on consoles and mobile devices. The company has now announced that it currently hosts over 500 million accounts, though it has not revealed the usage breakup of these accounts.

Epic Games crosses milestone of 500 million accounts

Players who use Epic Games accounts to play games like Fortnite, just need a “nameless” account. The account does not even have its own display name or an email address attached to it.

If we recall the Store managed to accrue over 194 million users back in 2021. Out of this, the company claimed to have 31.1 million daily active users, and peak concurrent users touched 13.2 million. It also currently revealed that it had 62 million monthly active users in December.

The Store launched back in December 2018. Since then the company has put in a huge amount of resources to grow the platform. A document from the Epic vs Apple trial showcased that the company had $330 million in unrecouped costs in 2020 alone. This amount was for paying developers to give away their games in its store. Last year, Epic gave 89 different titles and 765 million free in total.

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