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The big players (aka companies) in the video game industry are celebrating the festive season. They are offering a popular title for free each day. Epic Games is listing free games on the online store every day.

The latest game on the list is Remedy Entertainment’s Control- the psycho-thriller game.

This is not for the first time though. The developer listed Control in Epic Mega sale this past June. This time around, Epic is offering Control for free as part of its ’15 days of free games promotion.’

How to get Control for free -Epic Games Store

To get access to this one can simply log in to the Epic Games Store.  One can also create an account if they haven’t and then look for Control. Tap on the Continue option. Press the ‘Get’ to add the game to their library free of charge. epic games free games list

Epic Games Store a few months ago. For those who couldn’t get their hands on it. They can now claim the title for free. epic games control free

You will have access to the game till December 27, 11 AM CT (10:30 PM IST), better hurry before time runs out. epic games free games leak

If you are looking for cheaper games this year, Epic Games has a few promising titles listed on Holiday Sale 2021 that include Battlefield 2042 for Rs 1979, Far Cry 6 Standard Edition, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for Rs 1949. epic games launcher

You will be surprised to know that the developer is also providing a $10 coupon that is applicable to every game that costs $14.99 or above. epic games free nitro

This super coupon will be available until the end of the Holiday Sale i.e, January 6, 2022, and players will get the luxury to use the coupon for as many as 10 games getting the $10 off on every game they purchase are priced at $14.99 or above. epic games store. epic games download

The video game distributor is giving a game for free each day on its online store every day as part of celebrating the festive mood. epic games download. epic games free games list 2021

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