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Escape From Tarkov is one of the most brutal games ever played in the gaming arena. Being a first-person shooter game, it is a game that tests your concentration and seeking skills. 

The game can be a little challenging to play for beginners, full of thrilling situations. It may not be easy for a new gamer to survive the first raid. And losing in the first raid may imply losing out on one’s gear. 

Raid is a situation in the game where the players make efforts to loot a particular area while engaging in a fight with other players and virtual enemies. 

Now, what is the solution?

Well, one can always use different hacks and tips to get successful. You can buy the best undetected EFT cheats on various websites out there. 

Here are some efficient tips and tricks to survive your first raid during the game of Escape From Tarkov.

Practicing Aiming Helps

This is a game that is quite different from other shooting games because it does not offer any kind of HUD or aim improvements. 

Thus, it is often advisable for new players to practice aiming before trying their hands at the game of Escape From Tarkov. 

The reason is that the game would require you to rely basically on your eyesight or aiming powers rather than offering you gears to do that.

Check For Enemies

This is a rule not only for Escape From Tarkov but also for other games. This game would not offer you comfortable surroundings to look for enemies, and you need to scan the environment thoroughly.

Experts say it is not advisable to engage with your enemies immediately. Make sure that there are no more enemies in hiding. 

Otherwise, you may get a surprise with enemies pouncing upon you from unexpected corners.

Stick To Your Map

Maps are a significant feature of surviving in a raid. Always pick a map and then make sure to stick to it. Studying the tidbits of a map would help get assistance under challenging situations.

Once you know your map well, you would get to know about practical measures to survive your enemies, outrun any adverse situation, and would be able to loot more. 

Also, once you have mastered the navigation skills, you can quickly move on to a new map to move forward in the game.

Get To Know Your Ammunition

Ammunition is also a crucial part of any strategy to succeed in a shooting game. Good quality ammunition is bound to get you more success in the raid.

Players need to pay attention to two main aspects before choosing ammunition and one is its damage quotient, and another is its penetration power. 

Higher penetration power implies that the bullet can pass through armor with more force. On the other hand, a higher damage quotient suggests that it will bring more harm to your enemy.

Thus, always look for ammunition with both higher penetration and damage power to inflict maximum harm on your enemies.

Offline Practice Is Helpful

Offline practice is always helpful to get more experience with a game, and Escape From Tarkov is no different. 

Also, playing offline implies that you need not encounter expert players while trying to explore any map.

Offline mode also allows you to become a pro at dodging enemies, running fast, knowing your gear well, and understanding the kind of gear your enemy is using.

Thus, whenever you get some free time, make efforts to play in the offline mode and once you become more confident, switch over to the online gaming mode.

Select Your Fights Well

Remember, this is a brutal game, and you are bound to engage in fights while playing. However, this is also a fact that the more battles you engage in, the fewer your chances of coming out alive from a raid. 

Thus, it is better to make quick decisions about whether you want to shoot a particular person or not.

Final Words

There are many more tips to succeed in the game of Escape From Tarkov. However, surviving your first raid is essential. So, use these tips mentioned above and tricks and increase your chances of survival. Happy gaming!

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