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Twitter has recently announced new features in the latest update of the platform. It is Experimenting With Unmentioning, which will allow the user to remove themselves from the ongoing conversation. On Twitter when you tweet something the reply to your tweet is visible like a thread, and the chain of conversation continues. The recent update allows you to get out of the thread that went off the rail. The company for now has limited it to some users only and will function in the web version only. Instead of the limitation on the number of users, the feature is very useful to clear up your tweets and mentions from the platform completely.

How the feature experimenting with ‘unmentioning’ will work?

The company tweeted from its Twitter handle to inform the Twitter user that they are going to experiment with something new called Unmentioning. There is a way to help users to protect their peace and can easily remove themselves from conversations. They do not want to continue or have in the first place. The tweet is accompanied by a short GIF to show what the functioning of the feature will look like.

In the thread of the conversation, the user will get the option of “leave this conversation” option. The option will appear on the menu of tweets at the corner of any tweet on the web version of Twitter. The option in the menu includes “mute” and “embed” options. When you click “leave this conversation” option a new menu will appear. There are details of what will happen when the user will leave the ongoing conservation. The menu includes: untagging of your username, the future mentions on the tweet by you or if a thief person tries to mention you in the conversation will not be possible. Lastly the notifications related to the ongoing conversation will stop. This means that after you will leave the conversation, the notification of other tweets by other users.

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In February, a reverse-engineer and a Twitter researcher, Jane Manchun Wong tweeted a screenshot featuring the “leave the conversation” option, now her scrutiny proved right. The updated feature is a good step in the direction of reducing hate tweets and social media bullying. Nowadays, cybercrime is increasing day by day, from hate speeches to mocking someone in a picture or their opinion, this new feature is very helpful in tackling this. The user can voluntarily enter and leave the conversation on the basis of their comfort zone. You don’t have to be the part of a conversation you are not having any interest in it.

Final Note

The step is extremely influential to reduce harassment in the name of freedom of speech. Twitter deserves a lot of appreciation for the “ leave the conversation” feature. It not only saves people from online harassment but also protects the Right to privacy of the user.


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