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Every now and then you come across users of various VPN servers post their queries and issues either through web-based media or official pages of the specialist co-ops. One such issue is when ExpressVPN not working with Netflix. This is among the numerous in light of the fact that VPN servers are influenced by a variety of variables that sway the velocities or openness.

This article is for those users who are getting an ExpressVPN Netflix error, or rather, ExpressVPN will not work with Netflix, so attempt a portion of the arrangements recorded beneath and check whether it makes a difference.

Why ExpressVPN not working with Netflix?

The brief answer to the much-asked question, whether or not ExpressVPN work with Netflix, is that it does work with Netflix. The reasons are explained in full swing so that you can have a better understanding of the outcome.

Each time you open Netflix, it analyzes your IP address to an information base of known VPN IPs. In the event that it finds a match, it will obstruct your connection.

Netflix started blocking VPNs after the pressure from various organizations and studios. Film studios and telecasters never want the viewers’ to stream content that is not accessible in their country. They knew Netflix users were utilizing VPNs to forgo its geoblocks, so they requested that it blocks the VPN use, too.

The Netflix IP address boycott is continually refreshed. Co-incidentally that you had the option to watch Netflix US yesterday, however, you’re experiencing difficulty today, the network you’re utilizing has been added to the rundown. Now and again, this can be overwhelmed by essentially exchanging servers.

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How to fix ExpressVPN not working with Netflix?

Yes, indeed there’s a solution to the problem. We have discovered some solutions for the same and would love to share them with our readers.

Read furthermore for more insights.

1. Check your IP address

In the event that ExpressVPN will not work with Netflix, check your IP address for data like your city or locale (country) close to the area you chose when you associated with ExpressVPN.

In the event that it shows an area close to you, it implies you’re not associated with an ExpressVPN server area, so take a stab at interfacing once more.

2. Check your Internet connection

To test if you’ve got a vigorous Internet connection, disconnect from ExpressVPN then try accessing an internet site the normal way. If you can’t access even when disconnected from the VPN, check your Internet connection.

However, if you are able to access it while disconnected from the VPN, try the consecutive solution.

3. Connect to another ExpressVPN location

If you’ll be able to access the web when disconnected from ExpressVPN but cannot connect with a server location, choose a distinct server location from the list of locations.

4. Change Protocol settings

Your device connects to ExpressVPN servers using VPN protocols, the default one being the UDP protocol, which in some countries just like the Middle East, is blocked.

So you’ll be able to attempt to change the protocol, which can also assist you to achieve faster connection speeds. For optimal performance, choose the OpenVPN TCP first, then L2TP, and eventually PPTP protocols therein order.

However, ExpressVPN doesn’t recommend using PPTP unless it’s very necessary to try and do so because it offers minimal security.

5. Security Software

You should try and disable your firewall or antivirus as these may block your VPN connection. If you are lucky enough to be able to connect, do the following:

Configure the program blocking the connection to permit ExpressVPN. You are required to change the safety level from High to Medium (depending on the program) and grant exceptions to ExpressVPN or UDP ports 1194-1204, or set it to Trust ExpressVPN.
If you’ve got the choice to reinstall the safety software or program blocking the ExpressVPN connection, install it after the VPN is already installed so it allows the VPN to attach. You can do so, by first uninstalling ExpressVPN, then uninstall the program blocking the connection, install ExpressVPN again, then reinstall the program blocking the connection.
Check if you are able to connect again and take a look at to access Netflix.

If your Windows Firewall is obstructing the VPN, investigate this guide to urge eliminate the matter.

6. Download the latest version of ExpressVPN

Uninstall the ExpressVPN app you’re running, then check in to your ExpressVPN account and choose found out ExpressVPN.

Find the newest version for your device then connect again, then see if you’ll access Netflix.

7. Clear DNS

In some countries, DNS entries saved from your ISP on your computer could also be intentionally wrong, as a further method of blocking Netflix and other sites.

In such case, you should clear the DNS cache so that your computer automatically accesses ExpressVPN’s DNS for the proper/correct entries.

8. Manually configure DNS settings

Your computer might not automatically hook up with ExpressVPN DNS servers, so you would need to configure it with ExpressVPN DNS servers’ IP addresses, manually.

Manually configuring your computer with other DNS server addresses helps you access Netflix and other blocked sites, and revel in faster connection speeds.

Once you have got configured your computer for ExpressVPN DNS servers, flush old DNS entries again as described above.

9. Manually configure Proxy Settings

A proxy server is the main connector between your computer and the Internet. It is used to hide your real location so you can access websites that Netflix, that would otherwise be blocked.

If the problem is with the internet connection, it is quite possible that it has been set to use a proxy server.

You must ensure that your browser is set to auto-detect proxy or no proxy. Only after that, you can use the instructions to manually configure proxy settings for your browser.


Even after all the trials, if ExpressVPN still isn’t working with Netflix – you should contact the VPN’s customer support team. You’ll be surprised by how helpful ExpressVPN’s support team is, often responding within a couple of hours.

To resolve your issue as quickly as possible, we’ll provide a couple of useful tips and guides. The trick here is to provide ExpressVPN’s diagnostic information as soon as possible, so you’ll avoid wasting your time. With this said, inspect the subsequent guides.

Here we conclude our list of the possible solutions to the ‘ExpressVPN not working with Netflix’ problem. If you’ve got any questions, confirm to share your thoughts within the comments section below. And in fact, don’t forget to share this text online – if you think that it’d help other ExpressVPN users. Thanks!

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