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Facebook has been making many one-off virtual reality studio acquisitions for a long time. Recently they made an announcement that they will be buying a Roblox-like game creation platform.

In the recent news, Facebook revealed that they will buy Unit 2 games which will help in building a platform called Crayta. It builds on the top of Unreal Engine and provides users with a more simpler and attractive interface compiled with discovery and community features.Crayta has cornered its own niche pushing monetization paths like Battle Pass seasons, giving the platform a more Fortnite-like vibe as well.

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Unit 2 has been in the picture for the last 2 years. Though Crayta has taken the stage last July. The audience is limited by the studio’s deal to exclusively launch on Google’s cloud-streaming platform Stadia.

The title design is for the very light nature of cloud-gaming platforms. Users will be able to share access to games just by linking other users. Facebook is deliberately using Crayta to push forward its own efforts in the gaming sphere.

Facebook and Roblox Together 

The announcement post regarding this as quoted by Facebook Gaming VP Vivek Sharma says “Crayta has maximized current cloud-streaming technology to make game creation more accessible and easy to use. We plan to integrate Crayta’s creation toolset into Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform to instantly deliver new experiences on Facebook”.

The entire team will come together for this acquisition. The financial terms of the deal are not open yet.

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