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Remake Original Facebook: Facebook is closing down Campus, a part of its programs targeted towards college students, less than 2 years after the launch; the latest setback to the company’s attempts to keep younger users. Users on campus could use a customized news feed and engage in college-related communities, activities, and chat rooms. It also had a network where users could look for a friend or other learners who were also using the programme.

Announcement to Remake Original Facebook

In an email to The Verge, Facebook official Leah Luchetti said, “We’ve agreed to stop our Facebook Campus project.” “We learnt a lot about the effective techniques to engage college students; and Facebook Groups is among the most effective methods for bringing them together”. We’ve told learners in the testing schools that Campus would no longer be available; and recommended that they join relevant college Facebook groups”.

All profiles, groups, postings, events, as well as other Campus data would be permanently removed, according to Luchetti. By March 10th, once the section becomes unavailable, users can save their Campus data. Campus was first experimented with 30 US schools in September 2020, with each one segregated so that users could only connect with several other learners at their school.

WhatsApp to add Facebook-like cover photo to profile

It is separate from the rest Facebook app, enabling users to establish different Campus profiles from their regular Facebook accounts. Facebook subsequently expanded Campus to 60 universities and colleges, and the firm was declaring plans to add more campuses as recently as January, according to a report.

Of course, Facebook started on a college campus. Mark Zuckerberg and a group of classmates developed the network, which was formerly known as TheFacebook; at Harvard and was first restricted to Harvard students.

Final Note

However, Facebook is not able to engage and maintain younger users in recent times. According to internal memos disclosed last year, the number of young users of the key “big blue” app has dropped by 13% since 2019. Experts predict that the trend is likely to continue. According to the company’s research, younger consumers used the app far less frequently than their older peers.

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