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Early in March, a group of Facebook users received a mysterious, phishing email titled “Your facebook account needs advanced safety from Facebook Protect”. This mail provide them a certain date to switch on the Facebook Protect feature or their accounts would be locked out. Moreover, the email provided them a link to switch on the Facebook Protect feature.

Why you should Turn On Facebook Protect?

The initiative is a “security programme for groups of the users more likely to be attacked by dangerous hackers, such as human rights campaigners, journalists, and government officials,” according to Facebook. According to Its purpose is to ensure that those profiles are tracked for hacking risks and that two-factor authentication is used to secure them.

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Unfortunately, Facebook used this  [email protected] email address to send the mail. The mail address resembled a regular form of spam, and many individuals are likely to have ignored it.
However, it wasn’t spam at all. It was, in fact, true. For many users, the first deadline came on Thursday, March 17th. Users are not able to access their accounts. Also, they’re having problems regaining access through the Facebook process.

Those who did not activate Facebook Protect by the deadline are reportedly receiving a message. The message is explaining why they are unable to access their accounts and offering to assist them in activating it.

Final Note

According to reports on Twitter and other social media platforms facebook is locking their account even if they are having the necessary security measures in place.
Others have stated that they were unable to complete the activation process before the deadline; thereby locking themselves out of their accounts.

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