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Facebook Messenger is testing Voice Commands for chat and calls



Facebook Messenger is testing Voice Commands for chat and calls

Facebook Messenger could soon allow you to use your voice to order and send messages, initiate voice calls and make reminders. Messenger for Android’s code shows a brand new M helper button under the message ribbon display which triggers listening to voice commands for all those functionalities. Voice management can make Messenger easier to use hands or while driving, more reachable to the eyesight or dexterity-impaired and, maybe 1 day, simpler for global users whose native languages are tough to type.

Facebook Messenger was formerly spotted testing address transcription as part of the Aloha voice helper thought to be a part of Facebook’s upcoming Portal video chat display apparatus. But voice orders in the assistant are fresh and demonstrate that an advancement in Facebook’s plan because its former head of Messenger David Marcus told.

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Messenger is excited to distinguish itself in SMS, Snapchat, Android Messages and other texting programs. The program has aggressively embraced visual communication attributes like Facebook Stories, augmented reality filters and much more. Wong now spotted Messenger prototyping augmented reality camera impacts being rolled to the GIFs, Decals and Emoji menu at the message composer. Facebook affirms this is presently in testing with a small fraction of Messenger users.

Facebook has discovered that users are not so keen on a lot of bells and whistles such as prominent camera games or access getting in the means of chat, therefore Facebook intends to spoil those longer in a forthcoming exemplary redesign of Messenger. But voice controls include pure usefulness without blocking Messenger’s core value proposition and might wind up becoming users to talk more if they are finally rolled out.


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