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Facebook has finally apologized to users after again reporting problems with its services. This after the major outage hit WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook for hours.

The company in their favor stated that “configuration change” had impacted users globally. Further, the company added something more. The incident was not related to the outage. The products were taken offline for over six hours earlier this week. The affected apps include Instagram, Messenger, and Workplace products.

Facebook apologizes as Facebook some services including Instagram hit again

“We are extremely sorry if you weren’t able to access our products”, the company stated on Friday evening. “The company know how much our services are important for everyone for communication purposes”. We fixed the issue as soon as possible. Thanks again for your patience this week.”

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Initially, web monitoring group Downdetector said that for a relatively short period of time on Friday. There was an avalanche of messages from users reporting problems with Instagram.

These disruptions went immediately to Twitter and other social media platforms in the form of tweets and memes on these issues. On Monday when the first outage happened, Facebook who is the owner of WhatsApp and Instagram – blamed that this internal technical issue for the major outage which not only affected the firm’s services but also the employees’ work passes and email. Facebook says its services are having.

Tech Tent: Facebook some services Worst Week

If we go back 15 years to the previous times we find that it was relatively common for young web platforms like Facebook to be off from the internet for a time longer than a day. This random outage for one day showed that even if a platform goes offline for an hour there is an enormous hullabaloo because communication is a key in today’s era. Facebook says some services are issues.

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Millions of small businesses depend on its services and their owners weren’t laughing, they were actually tensed because their operations went low for 6 hours. Our team contacted a Christmas tree supplier who depended on Facebook as her main page to attract customers and told us that the traffic to her website went down by 50% during the outage. Facebook its services are having issues.

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