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Facebook will soon stop offering two features to its users- facebook nearby friends suggestions and Facebook Weather alerts. A notification sent by Facebook to users, clearly mentions Nearby Friends, Weather Alerts, and Location History. Also, background locations are going out of service soon. From 31 May 2022, weather and nearby friends will not be available on the Facebook app. The company also said that information shared by users for these services will not be collected after May 31. Users can access and download the shared information by 1 August 2022.

The information can access and download from the section in the app calling “Access Your Information”. The Meta- owned platform also adds that the company will delete any location history or any kind of background location that is previously shared by users. However, Facebook will keep collecting location and other data for other services. 

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Facebook To Stop ‘Nearby Friends’ & ‘Weather Alerts’

Though the company hasn’t mentioned what kind of services it is going to provide with the personal locations of the users or any shared location. If the users cannot access it, why can the platform have access to the information? It is also important to note that Facebook has also not disclosed the reason behind its decision of discontinuing these features.

Recently Facebook has also been facing a lot of pressure from several authorities and regularities around the world about its practice of data collection. It is to note that in the name of providing better services to users Facebook collects all kinds of data on its applications. From time to time the company has to face questions and criticisms from the authorities about why this is so. Facebook has not given any concrete reason yet. Facebook is catering to a huge amount of information. The platform has more than two billion users and is one of the popular social media platforms for people of all ages. 

Final Note

In the age of information everything is easily accessible, in these situations mishandling of information is very common. It is very important for the platform to use the user’s data with full precaution. However, over the past years, cases of Facebook abusing users’ data have grown up. This is a matter of privacy and the company must look after it.


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