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CES 2019 is here and all techies are heading to Las Vegas to attend the world’s greatest exhibition of path-breaking technology. We look at five innovative devices showcased at the event from relatively smaller brands but ones that promise to transform the way you live.

Smacircle S1

Weighing only 15.4 lbs, Smacircle S1 is the world’s most lightweight ebike. Using five simple steps, you can fold this compact vehicle made of carbon fiber into a small backpack, carry it wherever you want, and ride it whenever you want.

A Product of Rigorous Research and Development

The Smacircle S1 boasts a brushless DC Motor, an electronic brake, and safety lights for night rides. Both the handlebar and the saddle are adjustable. The vehicle comes equipped with a USB charger, a mobile phone holder, and smart features with an app. According to the manufacturer, Smacircle Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd., the Smacircle S1 is the result of “1287 days of rigorous research and development.” After undergoing over 20,000 tests, the ebike carries verification by FCC, a third-party independent certification authority.

Lumzag Smart Backpack

Lumzag Inc has introduced what it describes as “the world’s smartest and most innovative bags with seven features.”

Seven Distinguishable Features

Labeled the Lumzag Prime Line, these bags have seven features to distinguish it from ordinary backpacks. The first feature is a wireless charger with built-in 10,000 mAh power bank, kept in a removable Smart Box. The other six features are a back-view camera, an inside light, a missing item reminder, an open alert and remote anti-theft alarm, real time GPS tracking, and Wi-Fi everywhere. Users can charge their airpods on the go. Prospective buyers can choose to buy Prime Line bags in genuine or faux leather. Lumzag Inc also offers a more affordable version of Lumzag Smart Bags. The Lumzag Basic Line has only four smart features. Buyers can get the Basic line in Cordura Nylon.

Optional Accessories

Lumzag accessories include a power bank extension, a wireless charging pad, the Lumzag Wallet Tracker app, and the Lumzag Solar Panel. The solar panel can charge your Lumzag Smart Box, as well as the power bank.

Lume Cube

This is a video call and livestreaming solution designed to enhance the way people look on camera when they use smart devices to communicate. The Lume Cube provides more flattering lighting across various devices.

Light Adapted to Device of Choice

The Lume Cube Air — a portable Bluetooth connected light — has a suction cup mount. The mount allows the light to be adapted to a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. The 400 LUX LED has brightness modes you can adjust via the Lume Cube app. The portable light can be charged via USB, while in use. It can also operate solely on battery power. The kit comprises of a diffuser and warming diffuser to help soften the light.


This is a Wireless Audio Transmitter that you will find useful if you are a consumer, a senior, or somebody struggling with hearing loss. It will also be helpful to businesses in public places.

Listening to Audio Streams Without Disturbing Others

Using CloviFi, you can listen privately to high quality TV audio streams without disturbing others nearby.  CloviFi connects to your personal mobile devices, your TV or any other audio source. It can transmit via Bluetooth or wirelessly to any Android, iOS tablet or smartphone. Multiple people can use CloviFi in the same room or in different locations in the house.


The attractive and lightweight Dreem headband monitors and analyses sleep, in order to enhance quality of sleep. Dreem monitors the quality of sleep and uses sound to help the user fall asleep faster. The band helps the user get deeper sleep and wakes him/her up at the optimal time by using a smart alarm.

Key Data Tracked

The Dreem Band’s sensors track brain activity, respiration rate, heart rate, and movement. A miniature electronic core analyses the data. The core adjusts its response in real time, in sync with the sleeper’s biological signals. Dreem transmits sound via bone conduction, without the need of headphones. Dreem has an audio jack for sleepers who wish to use headphones.

Customized Programs to Improve Sleep

Every morning, key sleep data — how long you slept, whether you woke up, your heart rate, etc — is interpreted, and important findings highlighted. Sleep patterns are tracked over time, with a detailed report at the end of every week. The first sleep assessment precedes the assignment of a customized program and provision of tailored information and exercises. For instance, the Sleep Restructuring Program aims at curing those who suffer from destructured sleep within six-to-eight weeks





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