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If you are looking to fix YouTube error 400 on your computer, smartphone, or smart TV, then you are in the right place. Let me explain to you in detail what this error code actually means.

The HTTP 400 Bad request response status code means that the server cannot process the request. As such type of requests, server considers as a client error (e.g., malformed request syntax, invalid request message framing, or misleading request routing). If you don’t know how to get rid of YouTube Error 400 problem, don’t worry. Continue reading this article to “Fix YouTube Error 400”. After that, you will be able to resolve this issue easily and quickly. 

This 400-error message can appear on any website; it is a prevalent type of error. It usually looks different on various websites. Here are some of the most frequent error messages which you may face while finding error 400:

  • “There is a problem with the network” or “There can be a problem with Server”.
  • “No network connection” or “Network Connection issue.”

Causes of a 400 Error 

A 400 Bad Request error can occur for a variety of reasons. The majority of them are the result of a client-side issue. A 400 error may be triggered by an improperly written URL or a URL that contains an unidentifiable character, which means you might have mistyped the URL.

I would suggest you cross-check the URL once again. If the URL is correct, then another possible cause of the error is a null or expired cookie. For example, if you try to log in as admin but the cookie that handles your authentication data is corrupted, you can receive a 400 Bad Request error.

If you attempt to upload a too big file, the server may respond with a 400-error code. You will receive this error if the server has configured a file size restriction. In extreme instances, a 400 error can be due to a problem with the server.

How to Solve YouTube Error 400 on computer

Clear browser cache and cookies

Corrupted website data could cause a 400 error. This includes all of the files that a website needs to work correctly, such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. To resolve this problem, you must clear your browser’s cache. This is achieved by clicking on the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Navigate to “More Tools” and click on “Clear Browsing History”. To clear the browser cache, check the Cached images and files box and press the Clear data button. If clearing your browser cache does not resolve the problem, you should also remove your browser cookies. Corrupted or expired cookies can also be the reason for a 400 Bad Request error. So, always make sure to clear cookies as well while clearing the browsing history.

Restart both your computer and Google Chrome

Yeah, this is the most straightforward and most efficient approach to the majority of problems. Also, a customer service agent will give you the same advice. To restart Google Chrome, perform the following steps. In Google Chrome’s address bar, type chrome:/restart and press Enter. That is all you need to do to resolve your issue of fixing the error.

Clear DNS

Another explanation for an HTTP 400 Bad Request can be due to corrupt file or out-of-date DNS lookup data. To resolve this problem, you must clear your DNS cache. DNS data is stored on your device’s operating system, not on the browser.

How to Solve YouTube 400 Error on Smart Phones:-

You may face this issue on your mobile devices as well. Try the following methods to fix Error 400 on your smartphone:

  • First of all, you should check your Internet connection.
  • You can restart your smartphone or reboot it.
  • If none of the above works, I would suggest you remove your YouTube App Data and Cache. To do the same thing, go to Settings > Apps > All Applications >choose ‘YouTube>select ‘Storage’ > ‘Clear Data.’ 
  • It will restore your YouTube app to its default settings and should address the server error 400.

How to fix YouTube Error 400 on Smart TV:-

You might face the same issue on your smart TV while using YouTube. Try the following solutions:

  • Primarily, you check for the system update for your smart TV. If it is available, you must upgrade it.
  • Once you have updated your android version on your smart TV, you must unplug the power supply for 5 minutes before reconnecting it.
  • Navigate to Settings and then to Apps> YouTube> select clear data option> click OK. This way, you will be able to fix all of the issues.


There are a few solutions to the YouTube 400 Mistake. All of the methods mentioned above will undoubtedly solve your dilemma. Check out some of these strategies.

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