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Food Corporation of India applies the latest technology. To stop fake and improper business practices and to maintain the quality and standards of rice delivered under the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS), the Food Corporation of India (FCI) introduced a new technique, the mixed index method. Acceptance determines the age of milled rice stock.

Mainly to prevent millers from mixing old rice with fresh broth.

The testing equipment and chemicals

All paddy procurement centers will be equipped with testing equipment and chemicals to carry out the age test method before the milled paddy is accepted nationwide.

“After analyzing other parameters, a 5-gram sample is taken from raw white rice to determine the age.

He said the FCI recently introduced a new method and will use it for subsequent rice procurement. He added that the sourcing season will begin in Andhra Pradesh next month.

Only samples with the color “green/avocado green” will be accepted. Stocks showing different color development.

Describing the mixed-index test procedure for determining the age, Kiran said: When the color of the solution changes to green or avocado green, the stock is freshly ground and accepted. If the color is yellow or orange, the stock is considered old and sorted. ”

“Working solution chemicals include 0.05 grams of methyl red and 0.15 grams of bromothymol blue dissolved in 15 mL of ethyl alcohol and 100 mL of distilled water,” Kiran explained.

FCI identifies different age groups in rice based on color coding. The green color of the resulting solution indicates that the rice was fresh and procured within one month of harvest. If the color is avocado green, the rice is 1-2 months old. If it turns yellow, it is 3 months old, yellow-orange is 4 months old, and orange is 5-6 months old.

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