Fortnite Crossover With The Matrix Leaks Online -Fortnite Leaks

Fortnite Crossover With The Matrix Leaks Online -Fortnite Leaks

To celebrate the release of the coming movie The Matrix Resurrections. Two characters from the franchise will be coming to Fortnite. This is definitely super exciting! Fortnite Leaks!

Now when we this point, Fortnite has become an advertisement for other brands and franchises, with recent collaborations which include Resident EvilNaruto, and most recently the fashion brand Moncler. This doesn’t seem as if the game will change as the game heads into Chapter 3 next month, with a new Star Wars collaboration already revealed which will bring Bobba Fett to Fortnite.

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Chapter 3 is all ready to shake the game up in the biggest way. And to take the game to the top level. Players have seen in over two years since the black hole event in October 2019. This took the game from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. This introduced a new map and brand-new mechanics such as fishing. The upcoming Chapter 3 in the game will reportedly bring a new map. This includes a sliding mechanic, as well as a new collaboration in the game. This is to help promote the upcoming film The Matrix Resurrections.

Fortnite Crossover With The Matrix Leaks Online-Fortnite Leaks

As per the prominent leaker HYPEX, a super fun collaboration between Fortnite and The Matrix will happen in the second half of December. This will bring the characters Neo and Trinity into the game. The next super entry in the franchise, The Matrix Resurrections, is set to be released on December 24. This will not be the first time that Keanu Reeves has been seen in Fortnite, with his popular character John Wick being added to the game in 2019.Fortnite leaks.Among us Fortnite skin.hypex among us.New Fortnite the black hole coming back to Fortnite?

If we look at Fortnite chapter 2 clearly we will see that players are increasing amount of collaborations, which included an entirely Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4, as well as Season 5 that focused on Agent Jones. This is bringing the characters from other universes to the game. This includes characters from franchises such as HaloGod of WarStreet FighterTerminator, and The Walking Dead. You will find that many collaborations happen mostly on weekly basis. Fortnite among us.Fortnite tease.

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