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Video game maker Epic Games mentioned on Monday that $144 million made from its popular “Fortnite” battle game will go to help the people of war-ravaged Ukraine.

Epic committed the “Fortnite” proceeds from the past two weeks to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. They said that the Xbox gaming unit of Microsoft is doing the same.

It feels so good to see how a gaming platform is impacting beyond the playing of games,” Xbox head Phil Spencer responded to Epic’s announcement about the donation on Twitter. Battle royale game “Fortnite” boasts more than 350 million players worldwide, releasing a new season late in March.

‘Fortnite’ maker raises $144 million for Ukraine

You can download this game for free and with the company making money from optional transactions such as digital costumes for characters, dance moves for avatars, and tournaments.

Spencer thanked Epic for organizing their fundraising effort. The money that is raised is used for aid groups including UNICEF, the United Nations Refugee Agency, and the World Food Program, according to Epic. The World Food Program has reached a million people in Ukraine with food and cash assistance.

Thousands of people were killed and more than 4.2 million Ukrainian refugees have fled the country. This is since the Russian invasion in February, the UN says.

Video game makers and companies in other markets have raised money to help humanitarian efforts in Eastern Europe.

For example, “League of Legends” maker Riot Games announced recently that it had raised $5.4 million for the cause.

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