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Fortnite’s return to iOS via GeForce Now feels just fine. Fortnite is not available on iOS since Apple removed it from the App Store in August 2020, but people were able to play it on their iPhones once again. Sincere thanks to a closed beta on Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service. Though the experience is not exactly the same.  but this GeForce Now loophole works a lot better than one expected.

Players will play a mobile-optimized version of the game. If you’ve tried Fortnite on iOS or Android before, the layout should feel familiar — the experience is well-designed for touch, with easy-to-navigate menus and large (though finicky) onscreen controls.

The game is responsive. The experience is as if I am playing on my Nintendo Switch or on my PS5. I haven’t had any issues with latency. Milege differed depending on your internet connection. But I never felt like the fact it was streaming from the cloud hindered my ability to keep up in an intense firefight.

Fortnite’s return to iOS via GeForce Now feels just fine

The biggest problem of playing Fortnite on GeForce Now on iPhone is that the screen feels too small. This may be because players are using an iPhone 12 Mini, that doesn’t support many streaming services.

Till the time apple allows for the native Fortnite app back on the App Store, Nvidia and Epic Games have made an excellent alternative. The GeForce Now experience with Inscryption, was also very smooth. The turn-based card mechanics of that game don’t require any twitchy movements that could be affected by lag.

Fortnite is action-heavy, requiring fast reflexes and quick thinking. It’s more of a PC game but this touch-optimized version of the game I’ve streamed from GeForce plays as if it was installed on my phone.

There is no proper say on that when the GeForce Now version might be available more widely. You have to request access to the closed beta, and admission isn’t guaranteed.

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