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Have you been wanting to have a Discord Nitro Free account? Were you looking for some cheats where you could bag the Discord Nitro for free? Well, well !! If that’s the case, you have landed on the right page my friend. Today in this article, I will try and explain how to get Discord Nitro Free in 2021!

Let’s begin without further ado.

Discord is an excellent online platform that allows avid gamers to chat and share ideas while streaming their favorite videos. Although Discord itself is free to use, Discord Nitro is a premium service and you should check if you want to upgrade. Your entire Discord experience will make the most of it.

For the layman,

What is a Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service for Discord with two phases, adding features and free access to games.

Nitro was first launched for testing in Australia on December 22nd, 2016, and was later released globally on January 23rd, 2017. On December 22nd, 2017, the ability to pay with PayPal was added as an add-on.

Types of Discord Nitro

There are majorly two types of Discord Nitro, namely, Discord Nitro Classic and Discord Nitro.

1. Discord Nitro Classic

It is available at a subscription of 4.99 USD/month or 49.99 USD/year.

You can use emojis from other servers unless the server doesn’t stop you from doing so. There are some servers that don’t let the users use emojis from other servers.

The fun part is, you can animate the emojis that you use. Not only that, but your avatar (profile picture) can also be animated.

You can upload up to 50 MB size files, while without nitro you can only upload up to 8 MB size files.

2. Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is available for users at a subscription of 9.99 USD/month or 99.99 USD/year.

It has all the good things that Nitro Classic has. Be it, animated emojis or animated avatar; it has all.

With that, it also gives access to a few games where you can showcase your talent as a player.

How to get Discord Nitro Free?

There are certainly a lot of ways for doing so. One of them is simply getting access to the email where the same can be claimed. Other than that, you can always follow either of the methods mentioned below for your ease.

Method 1: Make friends with HypeSquad Members

Members of these highly respected HypeSquads team enjoy various special benefits. For example, this Christmas memberss received an email stating that they can submit a completely free nitro pair by themselves. Most HypeSquad members ignored this letter. Therefore, if you remind him of this, you are probably the first person to get Nitro for free.

Method 2: Buy a Yearly Nitro Subscription

I know I know, many of you might be wondering, why buy if we are supposed to tell you the free tricks!

In wake of certain events, if you buy a 10-week subscription, there are a lot of chances that you will be given 2 weeks of subscription-free. Now, if you multiply with the accordance to the weeks in a year, you definitely are going to be benefited with the same.

Method 3: Get free PayPal money with PointsPrize

This is another method which is known to very less number of people. You can simply earn some PayPal cash from the site PointsPrize and use the same in getting the subscription. In a way, it does give you a complimentary subscription.

Method 4: Look out for server giveaways

There are many servers who offer giveaway to the members. This giveaway is in the form of free Nitros as well. You really need to keep an eye on such servers or groups.

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How to redeem Nitro Codes ?

Fortunately, it is not difficult to redeem a valid nitro code. You can log in to your Discord account first, and if this is your first time using the service, you can create an account. Then go to the homepage, where you will find the “Library” button. Then, look at the “Gift List” menu, which will find the “Redeem Code” section. Now you can enter or paste the unique 19-digit redemption code. Click the “Redeem” button to complete the summary.


There can be a number of ways stated for the same. The HypeSquad members joining used to be the most trustworthy of all when it comes to free nitros. They most recently have stopped doing so, but still, you can follow them closely. Who knows if you are lucky enough to get the same !

At the moment, the only ways of getting Discord Nitro free are either through the giveaways or if some of your Discord friends know you personally, they can gift you the same.

However, we do not promote Discord Nitro Free; but it’s completely a choice of the users. We would still recommend buying a subscription.

Let us know how beneficial and informative was the article for you.

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