Free Fire Max How you can get endless prizes

Free Fire Max: How you can get endless prizes with a diamond top. Following the ban on Free Fire, Garena’s Free Fire MAX may be the most played mobile game in the region.

Free Fire MAX is technically the same game but with better visual effects or graphics but has the same gameplay.

Downloads or regular game players saw an increase in the last few months.

Now, it offers a lot of rewards for the players, claiming these can sometimes be quite easy and sometimes quite complex.

How to get prizes for extra events on India’s Free Fire MAX server

Extra events allow users to claim rewards after purchasing a certain number of diamonds.

Here are the steps to get top prizes

Step 1: Players must open the free Fire MAX app and log in using the forum connected to their game accounts.

Step 2: Users can see the “diamond” icon in the reception area on the big screen, and can tap the same.

Step 3: Can they sit on the “Top-Up” tab and select the available “310-diamond” tab? 250.

Step 4: Players must complete the action using their preferred method. They can use Google Play Balance (available for free through Google Opinion Rewards) to get diamonds free.

Step 5: Once users have made a purchase, they can switch to the “Top Events” tab and claim both prizes.

Once awarded, it can be included in inventory.

Free Fire MAX Advance Server: How to sign up and get unlock codes

As the ongoing update expires in a few weeks, the excitement of the next update among players is great. A new update comes once every two months, introducing more in-game features. Prior to each update release, game officials install Advance Server for players. An advance Server is a type of test server installed by developers to get feedback before the actual update is released.

Fire MAX OB35 Advance free server
The free Fire OB update is one of the great features that players are looking forward to. Prior to each update, the Advance server installation is essential to review the response before its actual release. Ongoing OB34 updates were released last month, and players have already set their sights on the OB35 Advanced Server. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the release date of the OB35 Advance Server and how you can successfully register it.

Server Release Date

The OB34 update came to the game on May 25, 2022. Therefore, the next update is expected in the last week of July and the Advance Server may arrive in the second week of July. Allows developers to complete and apply features successfully before releasing the actual update.

How to sign up for Free Fire Max Advance Server and get startup codes
Gamers need to follow a specific step-by-step guide to sign up for a server. After getting the startup codes, they can easily download the apk file and meet the new features.

How to sign up for Free Fire OB35 Advance Server and get startup codes

1. Jump to the official Free MAX Fire website, or click directly on this link.
2. Select any login options to proceed further.
3. Link your Facebook or Google account to a game’s ID.
4. Complete the form with the required information such as email, phone number, etc.
5. Complete the registration process successfully and wait for feedback from game administrators.

Gamers can easily download the Advance Server apk from many resources (most of which are available at the top). However, they will not be able to access the Advance server without the use code, and only limited users will receive the code.

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