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Costume bundles are among the most sought-after cosmetic things accessible inside Free Fire MAX. They are especially helpful to players in enhancing the overall look of their characters in the game. Over time, Garena has created available a broad selection of one-of-a-kind costumes, expanding users’ options. In most points, gamers may get new ones through Luck Royale or events; nevertheless, a majority of them need the expenditure of diamonds. A broad variety of options often confuses users, creating decision-making difficult. The following section lists the best Free Fire MAX costume bundles to get in 2023. the following costumes are the author’s choice may be other participants have different choices.

Free Fire MAX: List of 5 best costumes(2023)

1) Oni Soulseeker Bundle

The Oni Soulseeker is arguably the calmest and best costume that is now acquirable via the in-game store of Free Fire MAX. Gamers can see it under the “Magic Cube” section, and those who desire to buy it must shell out one Magic Cube token.

The main draw for the costume is the head and top, which are pretty amazing. Apart from that, it is generally lovely. The following are the different things featured in the Oni Soulseeker Bundle: Oni Soulseeker(head, shoes, Top, bottom, Facepaint).

2) Queen Boxer Bundle

The next one on this list is Queen Boxer, a fantastic option for gamers seeking costumes for their female characters in Free Fire MAX. It was originally made available to players on the Indian server via the “Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall Ultimate Challenge” occasion a few years back.

Now, gamers interested in getting the Queen Boxer Bundle will be needed to part ways with a total of 1199 diamonds. The five components that make up the outfit set are as follows: Queen Boxer (head, shoes, Top, bottom, and Facepaint).

3) Evil Slayer Bundle

The Evil Slayer Bundle is an adorable costume for male characters, and the primary color of red is pretty vibrant. Garena initially released it via the “Two Birds One Stone” event, accessible within the game in December 2021.

Similar to the Queen Boxer Bundle, players hoping to get their hands on the Evil Slayer set will require to spend 1199 diamonds in Free Fire MAX. Listed below are the 5 items that this particular costume consists of Evil Slayer (head, shoes, Top, bottom, and Mask).

4) Dragon Mafia Bundle

The Dragon Mafia Bundle is another female costume on this list, and it delivers a lovely appealing look. The white theme is visually stunning and looks great on most of the female characters in Free Fire MAX

The bundle was available last year via the Mystery Shop and has currently been added to the in-game store. Interested users may use 899 diamonds to gain the same. The items in the Dragon Mafia Bundle are as follows: Dragon Mafia (head, shoes, Top, bottom, and Mask).

5) Bandit Bundle

The Bandit Bundle occupies the final place on this list and is accessible via the Magic Cube section as well. It has basically been made lovely and famous by numerous YouTubers.

The iconic bundle is among the more senior ones current in the in-game store and was available via Diamond Royale in 2019. As of this writing, gamers may exchange a Magic Cube and accept this specific male outfit bundle. The things present in the costume are mentioned below: Bandit (shoes, Top, bottom, Mask)

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