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The hashtag #GameDevPaidMe promotes pay transparency in the gaming industry. It is a way for developers to offer a glimpse into their salaries. Developers struggle for better working conditions, leading to the hashtag that started circulating last year. The salary-sharing program makes the field more equal. By eliminating the secrecy surrounding pay, employees are more empowered to negotiate raises and salaries on their terms. They used a spreadsheet to compare salaries anonymously at Blizzard in 2020. A pay gap in top in the trenches is with the measure in the hundreds of thousands of dollars if CEOs cut their wages.

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Of course, that’s not the point since the intent is to provide fair wages for those who work. They incredibly work hard to provide the entertainment that the public enjoys.

What does the hashtag #GameDevPaidMe tell?

In this tweet, the author explains some of the higher numbers don’t necessarily add up to much given the locations where most game development companies are there. Particularly in the US, places such as California have high living costs. Xavier reminds us that those earning $80k a year often only take home $59,000 after income taxes and that necessities might only leave them with $10k a year for groceries.
The #publishingpaidme movement is a direct offshoot of the #publishingpaidme movement, and it is unclear who the initial creator was.

Blizzard Entertainment’s head designer on “Hearthstone”: “I only started asking questions once I better understood how much I was worth. Understanding your worth can sometimes be challenging, but knowing how much you are worth is key.”

Designer at Blackbird Interactive: “Every person who plays games needs to take a good look at #GameDevPaidMe and appreciate the work of the people who make it.”

#GameDevPaidMe –Trending On Twitter 

The senior game designer at Reflector Entertainment suggests not waiting for your employer to give you the raise you deserve. It would be best if you remained open to discussing your options with other companies, even though you find yourself in an excellent job position.

The movement uses the hashtag #gamedevpaidme to organize itself, and many others are already taking part. Many people wonder whether people expect too much from game developers because they have disproportionate wages to those in similar positions. Quality Assurance Testers, for example, also have excessive salaries. Even the establish of game developer salaries is only starting to comprehend just how bad the situation is. While the case is threatening at best for those in school preparing for an industry.

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