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Google announced it’s moving Assistant. Google Assistant has been capable to save reminders for a long time. You will be notified at the required time.

These notifications can be assigned to replicate at setting time intervals. Google Tasks then established and offered the exact functionality, but made it harder to keep track of all your reminders.

Google reminds you that you can create tasks from messages you receive in Gmail, add tasks from Google Chat, and create tasks using Google Calendar. This applies regardless of whether you use web-based Google services or mobile apps.
“In the next few months,” when you use your Google Assistant to create a new reminder, you’ll see a pop-up notification on your phone or computer asking you to set up a Google Task. Moving it will move the Assistant’s reminders to the task if they haven’t already.

The Google Tasks can be viewed in Gmail, Calendar, Chat, and Google Drive on desktop and the Google Tasks app on iOS and Android.

Google announces at its October 6th event: The pixel 7 series, Pixel Watch

Google has demonstrated that it will reveal the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. We even eventually see the Google Pixel Watch, along with a few recent acquisitions to the Nest smart home portfolio.
Google is hosting its latest Pixel event on October 6th. The event is still two weeks away, but some new device leaks have surfaced online: Google has already confirmed that it will unveil the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Also, the Google Pixel Watch is finally here. The company will also announce a new addition to its portfolio of Nest smart homes.
The most delinquent Google Pixel events will be streamed live online. Interested parties can watch the event on the “Made by Google” event page or follow it live on Google’s official YouTube account. You can also follow live updates from India Today Tech. The Pixel event will start at 10 am ET (around 7:30 pm in India).
It’s presently unclear if Google will bring the new device to India. Given that the company stopped launching its flagship phone after the Pixel 3 series, the events of the Pixel 7 series are slim. But you never know it might decide to announce a new Pixel smartphone. So far there is no warranty on this. Here’s what Google plans to report two weeks after him.

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