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Google Assistant gets parental controls. For the first time since its launch in 2016, Google Assistant now has parental controls.

The chatty virtual assistant

According to the company, the chatty virtual assistant, which is used by 700 million people a month, already had quite a few users. For years, Google has allowed parents to grant their children access to the Assistant via the Family Link app. With relatively few restrictions.

In the coming weeks, when these tools come to nearby smart speakers, screens, and smartwatches, your child will be able to make phone calls, request music and videos from specific sources, and even access specific assistants. You can prevent them from manipulating your device. You can also set a “downtime” during which your Assistant is unresponsive for those moments when you need your attention elsewhere.

These new tools, including products not developed in-house by the company. Rolled out last week to devices running the Google Assistant. There is one notable exception. Your phone’s Google Assistant will not receive these updates. That’s because the company doesn’t consider it a “shared” device.

Parental controls are just the beginning. In the coming weeks, these devices will also add features to communicate more effectively with young people. For example, new dictionaries that provide child-friendly definitions when responding to recognized child voices, and new voices that speak more slowly and expressively.

“The use of technology, especially voice devices, in the home allows [children] to learn new things, indulge their curiosity, and use their creative and inquisitive minds without looking at a screen.

From his seat at Google, Shojai said children already understand that in some of these cases they shouldn’t talk to their parents about products, for example. Since its launch, the company has also added features designed to reinforce good etiquette: in late 2018. It updated the Assistant with a new “you’re welcome” mode.

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