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If you are using Google Workspace, the classic Hangouts messaging will show to expire next month; due to changes in Google Chat. Beginning March 22nd, Google will make Google Chat the default chat application; suggesting that users who intend to access Hangouts in Gmail on the web or use the previous Hangouts mobile applications will be redirected to Chat.

Google statement for Classic Hangouts

Users will observe this change in late march. Google says – Beginning March 22, 2022, we’ll turn on the “Chat preferred” setting for any customers who haven’t already done so; making Chat the default chat application. This means that when users visit classic Hangouts in Gmail on the web or the classic Hangouts mobile apps; they’ll be directed to Chat.

The migration from Google Hangouts towards Google Chat is the first stage in Google’s ever-evolving messaging strategy, which becomes more puzzling you more as you learn more about it. This migration began in June 2020 and is focused on the messenger service that is associated with Gmail. You should not confuse  Google Chat with GChat, the original term for Google Talk, that was discontinued in 2017 & replaced with, Hangouts.

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Except in “a few strange circumstances,” Google claims, existing Hangouts conversation history will roll over to Chat. Although there is no option to opt out of the change, Google says the domain would continue operating. Moreover, Google adds- However, starting mid-March 2022, any newly created spaces in Google Chat within your domain will not appear in classic Hangouts. This means that messages sent in these spaces will only appear in Google Chat for your affected users.

Final Note

For the time being, only Workspace users, and also older G Suite Basic & Business subscribers, are affected by this change. In other words, it affects people who use Google’s service as part of the business or organization. However, according to a report, Google has previously stated that free Google Account users will experience the same change as Workspace users.

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