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Google exits the Assistant driving mode dashboard.  Google Introduced Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard at I/O 2019 Developer Conference. Tech giant Google on Saturday declared plans to shut down this. The company will reportedly shut down the entire feature on November 21, 2022.

The Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard

Google introduced the Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard at the 2019 I/O Developer Conference. You can still use the automatic optimization feature called “Driving Mode” in Google Maps for Android. Call and message shortcuts appear on the home screen along with media selection and voice control. The company claims that shortcuts are accessible when users start navigating. It consists of a black bar with wizard access and a grid of app icons for Google Podcasts, YouTube Music, and other compatible streaming services.

The auto-optimized experience of Google Maps for Android, which Google also calls Driving Mode, remains intact. The company is focused on it, noting that most people are using it anyway.

Language abbreviations are also available

“Additionally, language abbreviations are also available for making calls and writing text messages, much clearer when compared to the driving mode dashboard,” the report said. With this move, Google no longer has a direct successor to Android Auto for phone screens.

In early 2019, the company announced plans to introduce a voice-controlled driving mode for its assistant. It not only personalizes navigation, messages, and call suggestions but also offers all related activities.

When a user connects their mobile phone to the car’s Bluetooth, the assistant activates driving mode. When not connected to a vehicle, users can simply say “Hey Google, let’s drive.” Additionally, Google has announced that you will be able to control your car remotely using Assistant. B. When the user asks Google to adjust the temperature of the car before the driver enters.

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