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Google Feature To Choose Languages for Android 13.  They are scheduling it to get it to launch soon.  This feature is code-namely “Panlingual” and is likely to allow Android 13 users to choose a different language for each app they are having on their smartphones.

You may understand it with a simple example, if a device’s Android system language is English, he or she can apply this function. The highlight of this feature is to change the language of their applications to any other without changing the system or other program settings. If the user’s job requires them to utilize a foreign language they can do it. They need to set the work applications to that language while keeping the rest of their application in its native language.

The unique Panlingual tool is currently in the early phases of development and may alter in the future. The report includes details on where people will be able to locate it once Google has set up it. As Per the reports, the Panlingual option will appear on the “App details” option or in a unique “App languages” menu. Both of them are usually n the “Language & input” page in Settings. People will be able to modify their app language options from a fixed place. It will include a distinct setting by Google. Users will also save effort by not needing to alter the translation of each app separately.

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Apps that permit people to switch their language must offer many languages. This Google feature to choose languages will not be of any use if the program only supports one language. Although, with Android 12, Google decides to add the capability for inline translation. It is feasible that Android may be able to transform apps on its own even though the app creators don’t add more languages in the future.

Currently, Android apps use the device settings to set their language. People can pick a language that requires looking for the relevant option among various menus within the app itself if the app supports multiple languages. This is a cumbersome method of selecting languages at the moment, but with Panlingual, Google should be able to alleviate this annoyance for Android users.

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