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Google has become much more than a search engine. It is launching its new and latest feature to be more than what it was started with. Now, Google has been working on its brand new feature, Guacamole for Google Assistant. The reports from  9to5Google and Android Police say that Google Guacamole will allow users to do quick tasks on Google Assistant without saying the keyword “Hey Google”.  These quick tasks mainly include “Stop”, “Snooze” a ringing alarm,  “Answer call” or “decline call”.

How to use Google Guacamole

You can use  Google Guacamole feature in Android 11  through the beta version of the Google app. You will be able to see the “Guacamole” in the settings menu of Google Assistant. After selecting it, you have to turn on voice shortcuts. Now, you will not be required to say “Hey Google” to launch Assistant features. Once you are done with this, you will be able to do a quick task on Google Assistant.

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Google Assistant new features

Google Assistant launched various new features this week on branded smart speakers. These features include the ability to find your iPhone even if it is silent or on do not disturb mode, creating smart home routines and speed up online restaurant orders. 9to5Google reported that Google Guacamole is being currently tested among Google employees only. There are no reports out yet that when it will be live to all the users. If we provide an estimate then the feature would launch at the upcoming Google I/O event in May.

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Final Note

Google is about to launch its new features expected on Google I/O event. One of the expected features would be Google Guacamole which will enable users to save much time. It will allow them to use the quick features readily without any delay. 

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