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Google is planning to make Downloads accessible in Chrome



Google is planning to make Downloads accessible in Chrome. It is going to introduce new capabilities to its Web browser in order to improve and simplify the entire browsing experience for consumers. The company applies numerous new features, including better web page navigation, a built-in snapshot tool, and more.

According to rumors, the corporation is now coming out with a new Chrome download center shortcut. The download part will have a new user experience, similar to Microsoft Edge. It also includes a pop-up download drop-down that disappears once the goals are met.

Chrome now has a separate download page as well as a visible banner at the side of the display that not only takes up space but is also rather unpleasant.

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Google will change the original download UI in future upgrades of Google Chrome. As per the reports, it will change the old download GUI with a new download icon next to Omnibox.

 The use additionally emphasizes that the icon will become blue when the download will begin. Also, If there is an ongoing download, then it will be grey and vanish after the download is completed.

Microsoft Edge, which is also based on Chromium, has a comparable interface. the only exception with Microsoft Edge is right near the profile icon. A new circle will add to the downloading area as part of the update. It will also show the downloading status in real-time.


If you want to try out Google’s search new install UI, the feature is in testing process on Chrome Canary.

Final Note

Google is planning to make ‘Downloads’ accessible in Chrome more. This will initially be in Microsoft edge. It continuously keeps on updating the features for providing a better user experience. Be ready as you may get some amazing features from google in future.


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