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Nowadays a dark mode is much preferred by people as it provides a better battery life and reduce strain on eyes. It is recently reported that Google is, currently, testing even darker dark mode on both iOS and Android devices. This new color is really not exactly like the ones shown in Google’s recent desktop of a pitch-black dark mode.

However, the one available in the smartphone device is a shade darker than the normal dark grey, but not really black. On the desktop, There is a pitch-black search bar for a short time, but it quickly shifted to dark grey color.

The new dark color mode in Google’s smartphone app may be more attractive to users who have OLED display and want to save battery capacity, or who genuinely enjoy dark mode.

Availability of Darker Dark Mode

If you cannot wait for the launch you can check the new color is available in Google’s latest 13.8 beta in the Google Play Store. Also you can get it via APKMirror, an archive that allows Android users to install items that aren’t easily accessible on there own device; or go the official route by joining the beta test group, according to Android Police.

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According to the source, Google will most probably keep the present grey color theme as an alternative when it launches the black theme. Because the grey theme is better for your eyes, especially when browsing through light-colored web pages. Until now, just a few users have been able to see the new theme color. Google does not provide any other information regarding the change.

Reports on Darker Dark Mode

After confirming that it was researching dark mode on desktop the year before. Google said in February that desktop users will get a  dark mode for Google Search Engine. Though you can access the app’s new color shade on your own, a wider rollout, similar to the desktop launch we have just seen; might take months to reach more people.

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