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Google joins Samsung to work with iFixit. It states today that this is the newer company to work with DIY maintenance experts iFixit to deliver spare materials for their products. It is similar to the arrangement that will make it much simple for the classic user to obtain replacement materials for their Pixel smartphones if it crashes. Batteries, screens, and cameras will be accessible for sale in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other European nations that sell the phones. Google said components will be ready for a sale “later this year.”

Replacement parts will indeed be accessible for a wide array of Pixel phones. It features the most recent Pixel 6 models as well as the Pixel 2 from 2017. This implies components for the sorts of aging devices that customers may wish to fix this time. Samsung’s comparable cooperation with iFixit, on either hand, may initially cover a few smartphones dating back to the Galaxy S20 in 2020.

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Google joins Samsung in working with iFixit

In case Google gets users to keep using its gadgets for just as much as it plans to maintain them with software, it needs to start making repairs simple. Google has offered 3-years of Android upgrades and 5-years of security fixes for the Pixel 6. This states that the phones could be used until late 2026.

This is almost certainly a smartphone that will need a replacement battery. It may need some form of maintenance at a certain point during its life. It will have ready access to spare parts is critical. Pixel spares will be available separately and in “Fix Kits,” which include tools for doing fixes. If you no more use another device, although there are trade-in & disposal schemes accessible.

In the latest days, the electronic goods sector as a general has taken self-repair more seriously. Microsoft & Valve, in combination with Samsung & Google, have teamed up with iFixit. The reason is to provide materials & components for its Surface devices and Steam Decks, accordingly.

Final Note

Although, Apple established a self-service fix program previously, ignoring its history of making it tough for users to repair their gadgets. As right-to-repair policy spreads everywhere around the world, these businesses are doubtful to be the final.


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