Google Maps is truly the best mapping service for users to navigate their way. The amazing part is the company keeps on adding new features. Again it has come up with a few improvements to how maps are represented on mobile devices. Furthermore, Google Maps adds new features available on Apple devices to start taking benefit of the latest iOS features.

For a long time, Google Maps has made an alert for users to get knowledge about toll roads. Also, one can make a setting that allows you to avert toll routes if planning trips or using switch navigation. Google, on the other hand, steps ahead, even by showcasing approximate toll fare for an entire route. The evidence comes from “local tolling agencies” and is looking at the existing day of the week. Also, it considers the duration when the user can arrive at the destination. As per Google, the feature will be accessible soon for “nearly 2000 toll roads in the United States, India, Japan, & Indonesia.”

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Google Maps adds new features

Google is also attempting to enhance street statistics for route planning. This includes building on the speed limit measure that tries to introduce in 2019 & 2020. Several roads now have street lights & stop signs. However, they have enhanced specifics like building blueprints and places of interest.” Google is now incorporating insights into the structure and width of specific roads. The unique metrics will be available on Android, iOS, Android Auto, etc. in the coming weeks. Eventually, Google Maps for iPhone also get updates to take benefit of the latest iOS features.

It has the latest home screen widget for trying to view trips that the user has a mark on top of the Go Tab. It exhibits arrival time, upcoming departure time, & advice routes (if an individual is driving). The new widget decides to combine the traffic & search widgets. As a user, you will also be able to see directions. Moreover one can begin navigations from their Apple Watch, similar to Wear OS smartwatches. Google is also looking to add more Siri, Spotlight, & Shortcuts seamlessly.


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