Google Maps-like Feature On WhatsApp may launch. Soon users may get access to the latest feature that will allow them to quickly track down nearby businesses. It will get a new segment namely Businesses Nearby as per the WABetaInfo. As a user, you will be able to see cafes, stores, supermarkets, food outlets, and other businesses in a distinct section.  However, it is unclear if you will be able to order immediately from WhatsApp. Also, you can view contact information, location, and other relevant information.

The functionality is seen in WhatsApp beta for Smartphones, but it is also set to return for iPhones. The Google Maps like Feature is still in creation, and there is no set date for its release.

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Furthermore, WhatsApp Business accounts will get an additional shortcut for responding to texts swiftly. WhatsApp offers a new shortcut to the conversation connect action menu that is available to both iOS and Android beta users. When the user will hit on the ‘+’ symbol for iPhones the new choice appears alongside the camera, picture & video library, catalog, and other options. Similarly, you will be able to get the same options from the attachment sign for Android. Users of WhatsApp Business beta will be able to respond to messages more rapidly as a result of this.

For WhatsApp Business accounts, the Quick Reply feature is already accessible. It is accessed by using the ‘/’ key on the keyboard. They can then choose a message to send to a customer from the list.


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