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Google names Android judgment by Indian antitrust administrators a ‘setback’ for customers. The CCI also ordered Google to change its approach to the Android platform and restricted certain revenue-sharing deals with smartphone makers. Alphabet’s Google said on Friday that the Indian Antitrust Department’s fine of INR 13.38 billion for anti-competitive practices was a “huge setback” for consumers and businesses in the country.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) said Thursday that Google will use its dominance in markets such as online search and the Android App Store to protect the position of apps such as Chrome and YouTube in mobile web browsers and online video hosting.

Aside from the fine, the CCI ordered Google to change its approach to the Android platform and restricted certain revenue-sharing deals with smartphone makers.

A Google spokesperson said Friday, “Android is giving everyone more choices and empowering thousands of successful businesses in India and around the world.

“CCI’s decision is a major setback for Indian consumers and businesses, poses serious security risks to Indians who rely on Android’s security features, and drives up the cost of Indians’ mobile devices.”

Google said it would consider a determination to consider the following steps.

IoT Tech Expo Global reveals the latest lecturers

Further lecturers reported for The IoT Tech Expo Global, December 1-2, 2022 at Olympia, London.

We are just five weeks away from the start of IoT Tech Expo Global. Over two days, you’ll have the opportunity to hear knowledgeable presentations. Visit over 150 exhibition booths showcasing the latest in technology and solutions, and network with some of our representatives. The largest brands implementing IoT in the industry.

Organizers have announced the following speaker groups to share their knowledge at the upcoming IoT Tech Expo. Some of the highlight speakers are:

  • Sotiria Lavasa
  • Ange Johnson de Wet
  • Ben Lomax Thorpe
  • Ian Smithyman
  • Dale Sinclair

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