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Google on European carriers. Alphabet’s Google has dismissed moves by European carriers to push network costs to Big Tech, saying it was a decade-old idea, bad for consumers, and the company already He said he invested millions in Internet infrastructure.

Feedback from the telecom and technology industries

Matt Brittin, his EMEA business and operations president at Google, commented that the European Commission will seek feedback from the telecom and technology industries on the issue in the coming months before proposing legislation. In response to what you said.

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, and different major carriers have long complained about technology rivals taking over their networks.
The idea, which he came up with more than a decade ago, could disrupt net neutrality. And can open internet access in Europe, Brittin said.

“Offering a ‘sender pays’ principle is not a new idea and would upset many of the principles of the open internet,” he said at a conference hosted by telecom industry lobby group ETNO Target. According to the text of the speech.

“These fights are identical to those we heard over a decade ago. Also, we haven’t seen any new data that would change the situation.”

Citing a report from the European-wide consumer group BEUC, Brittin said, “It can hurt consumers, especially when prices are raised.”

He said YouTube‘s owner, Google, has played a role in increasing the efficiency of the operator by transferring 99% of its traffic and investing millions of euros in doing so.

“In 2021, we have invested over €23 billion in investments, the majority of which is infrastructure,” said Brittin.
This includes his 6 large data centers in Europe, 20 submarine cables around the world (5 of which are in Europe). Also, his 20 local networks are in Europe. Contains a cache to store.

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