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Google One VPN blocks internet: Google One for Android adds ‘Block internet if VPN disconnects’ setting

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As per the latest update Google One VPN blocks internet. Last year in October, Google One added a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to its more expensive plans to solve a problem faced by many. Google One is Google’s storage subscription service which offers expanded cloud storage. 

VPNs are extremely useful. They provide safety by hiding users’ IP addresses as well as the web traffic. Google’s VPN is one of the best which encrypts all online activity. This means no one will be able to see the user’s online activity. But the protection fails if the VPN disconnects.

But Google has come in with a simple solution. Google One for Android has a feature that ‘blocks the Internet if VPN disconnects.’

How to make use of Google One VPN blocks internet feature?

The feature is listed under the Settings tab of Google One version 1.92. It is listed as beta. It can be found under ‘ View details’ on the ‘Online protection with a VPN’ card. This is only available for Android for now and the preference is now live.

Once enabled users will not have to worry about activating the VPN again. This can be done through the ‘Always-on VPN’ option. This option cannot be enabled if the VPN is set through an app. Google is currently working to fix that issue as well.

It is an extra layer of security and protection. It ensures all the web activity and traffic is routed through the VPN. If the VPN disconnects, the Internet will be blocked until the VPN reconnects. The process of reconnection starts automatically. The only noticeable side effect is the minor unprotected time gap between the phone restarting and the VPN reconnecting.

Initially, when Google One announced this additional feature of security, some eyebrows were raised. This is due to many tech giants such as Facebook etc facing heat for their security policies. Companies like Google are known for saving user’s data for the purpose of improving the user experience and personalized ads. Thus, initially, some people were hesitant about this new feature.

Final Note

At the price of $9.99 a month, users can get 2TB of storage and access to Google’s VPN. Google One 1.92 version is available on the Play Store. Hopefully, the feature will improve from the beta version. If it does, it will be an indication that Google has long-term goals in the VPN market. This safeguard is an extremely beneficial perk to the subscribers. This advanced security will surely increase Google One’s subscribers by a large margin.



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