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Google Owns A brand new Plan To Bring On TikTok. With recent acquisitions, Google is revamping its plans for short video sensations like TikTok. The search engine giant has acquired an AI startup called Alter, which specializes in generating avatars using artificial intelligence. As quoted by TechCrunch, Google reportedly paid him $100 million to acquire Alter.

The Alter co-founder approved the expansion by modernizing his role on LinkedIn. He added the comment “Create an avatar on Google” to his profile.

The Avatar

Avatar should be a big part of the future. At least that’s what Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg and his Co. would like the world to believe. Meta is looking to bring avatars to all platforms including WhatsApp, which could happen soon.

AI-generated content has emerged as another facet of the industry to show its potential. They have a platform to create AI-based images, music, and even art. Technology has advanced to the point where all you have to do is spell out a specific word and the AI ​​will process all the data and give you the best possible output.

Google’s facial recognition technology is not as advanced as Apple’s Face ID, so this is also an area where AI-based avatars work well.

Avatars may also be integrated into YouTube short videos. This is Google’s bet to compete with TikTok in the short-form video space. How Google plans to do that remains to be seen, but the $100 million reportedly spent on buying Alter can only be seen as a forward-looking decision, so it’s safe to say.

As for the Google-acquired startups, it remains to be seen whether Google will decide to keep all employees working there or streamline teams to work in that model.

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