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Google Photos users report severe photo corruption issues. If you’ve been operating Google Photos for a prolonged period, check out your old photos.

The outlines

This issue appears to simulate photos that were approved up to Google Photos several years ago. According to an increasing number of objections in this Google support line and matching comments on Reddit, images uploaded between around 2002 and 2015 have been scarred with strange transparent “outlines” like these examples. A few users have noticed.

One user wrote: “My old photos in my drive have been corrupted. The problem looks like a watermark with significant discoloration and data loss. Is there a way to undo this? ?”

Gratefully, the corruption doesn’t seem to be enduring as it emerges that only edited versions of the photos are influenced. Switching the affected photo to edit mode seems to make the undesirable artifacts fade as well.

Another user points out that images downloaded via Google Takeout arrive with the original version clean and edits corrupted, despite claiming the photo has not been edited. This proposes that Google has something to do with automatically processing old images to create faked versions with undesirable visual artifacts while leaving the original intact.

By the way, we recommend downloading a copy of your photos, even if you’re not currently experiencing issues. You never know when more heavy problems will arise in the future. This is mostly real for users with photo libraries that are several years old.

According to the exact support thread, this issue seems to be slowly being fixed, proffering that a fix is already being rumbled out from Google’s side. If your photo is affected, I’m sitting still for now. However, if the issue persists for several days, we recommend reporting the issue to Google Photos Help.

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