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Latest on Google, Dark Mode feature: Its American counterpart Google has globalized its support for the dark mode feature of Google desktop search. In December 2020, when Google announced that it was beginning to test the new dark theme for its search engine, tech buffs eagerly anticipated it.

The new Dark Mode feature in Google

Mashable India reports that after months of testing, the search engine giant has given the go-ahead to release Google Chrome on Windows 10 and macOS. However, the same has not yet been rolled out in all regions.
To check the same, Mashable India has provided few options like- a user might see a ‘Dark Theme. It is now available’ notification on Google search for the web. Another way to check for the same is to click on the Settings button. It is on the Google Search home page and see if you can see the dark theme option under the appearance section.
You will see three options on the settings tab: default, light, and dark.
Google’s dark mode will be the same as other apps’ dark modes. After selecting the option, the search engine, which was once colourful, will appear monochromatic.

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After social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, Google is the latest to enable dark mode on its platform.
The dark mode is highly in demand for users because it is better than the light theme in terms of eye protection. The night mode is soft to the eyes than the light theme. It gives stress to the eyes, especially for those who have desk jobs.

Initially announced in December last year, Google began testing this new search engine feature. An industry commentator, Matt Navarra, spotted the dark mode and shared a screenshot of it.

The Google dark mode will work the same as that of other apps. After selecting the option, the search engine, which was once colorful, will appear monochromatic.

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