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Gucci and Roblox– Gucci will debut an art installation within Roblox’s metaverse for two weeks. Visitors can view and purchase digital Gucci items in the Gucci Garden, which has multiple themed rooms within Roblox.

Reddit and Roblox may look a lot alike in future

At the Gucci-themed installation, mannequins will also be there from Roblox avatars. For digital clothing items purchased on the Roblox platform, Gucci and Roblox will share revenue.

What’s more in Gucci and Roblox?

A new partnership may seem unexpected for Gucci as it expands its digital reach.
This Monday, the luxury fashion retailer launched a new gaming experience that allows users to buy digital Gucci merchandise within Roblox.

This experience will be presented as a Roblox art installation for two weeks called Gucci Garden. It is based on Google’s “Gucci Garden Archetypes,” a physical representation of 15 Gucci campaigns. Using Roblox, users can explore themed rooms based on Gucci campaigns and products. For example, users can explore Gucci’s 2020 Cruise line in Roblox.

Users’ Roblo avatars will be transformed into mannequin-like humanoids when visiting the Gucci Garden’s virtual lobby. A Gucci-themed room’s unique aesthetic will be reflecting on the mannequin’s body as it moves through space – for instance, the zigzag lights from Tokyo Tribe can become patterned sleeves for the dummy.

There will be a limited number of slots available each day for users to purchase digital clothing from Gucci for their avatars. Gucci with Roblox will share the revenue from these purchases. We have not yet determined the prices. The first Roblox clothing sale occurred within a virtual Lil Nas X concert in 2007, which raised millions of dollars in sales.

The partnership is “perfectly in a suit” to a partner like Gucci that allows people to “express themselves,”. It is that Christina Wootton, Roblox’s vice president of brand partnerships. The community was open to working with them. They listened and experimented with what worked. It is essential to enter a new platform authentically, and it must be organic, even if you have a huge brand.”

Gucci with other brands Collaboration 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gucci joined other brands in trying out virtual customer engagement. Making Roblox the second tech-forward initiative to come from Gucci in recent months. Since its release in July, customers have been able to try on and purchase four styles of shoes through Snapchat’s AR try-on lens.

Retailers and brands have continued to leverage virtual try-on systems throughout the pandemic. With retailers including L’Oreal and Dior launching online try-on tools as well as shopping mall operators such as Brookfield and Whole Foods. Earlier this week, Walmart acquired Zeekit, a virtual fitting room platform. It is to allow online try-on for all of its clothing, including internal brands and private labels.

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