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Hatchi Sword for free: The Hatchi katana sword will soon be available for free in Call of Duty: Mobile. Many players assumed that the game would give them a chance to earn the sword once the Season 3 update hit.

We are now in the latter part of the season, however, and the Hatchi sword for free is nowhere to be there. Considering the Japanese-themed update and the prominent depiction of katanas in the accompanying comic, this is extremely strange.

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The developers describe the request in a post on Reddit. On the other hand, developers did announce that the Sword for free would be there for Call of Duty: Mobile’s in-app credit store update, which turned out to be a mistake.

Hatchi Sword for free: How to get it?

Anyone interested in trying out the Hatchi, the new weapon in call of duty, may do so by playing the game’s new Swords and Stones mode. All players are armed with it and assigned a set number of enemies to defeat. Whoever reaches the kill number first is the winner.

But they stress that their teams have been trying to identify a profitable opportunity through seasonal challenges or events to provide a path to a Hatchi. Because plans are locked in, it is unlikely that we’ll hear anything about this anytime soon. To meet that goal, developers have assured players they are working toward it.

Initially included in The Ancestors Crate last year, the Hatchi was a part of the game’s third expansion. To obtain the weapon, players would need to spend CP. Although they had an excellent chance to get the guns, they weren’t in guarantee to fail.

Hatchi free Sword in Call of Duty – Unlock it!

Now that the Sword can be in hands by performing some tasks, this update will be perfect for trying it out. The Hatchi free Sword in Call of Duty: Mobile is in unlock form by completing the new Seasonal tasks, made available with the launch of the new season in May. Get ready to play and complete the tasks to receive the Hatchi Sword.

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