Help Google remove personal information from search results. Here are five technical events that happened over the past week and how they’re impacting your business.

You can now request that Google remove search results that contain personally identifiable information.

Google is releasing a tool that makes it easy to remove search results that contain personally identifiable information such as addresses and phone numbers. The new feature, called “Results About You,” aims to give users more control over the personal information that appears in search results.

The importance

This is a big problem for many people who are concerned about their personal information available online. This especially affects CEOs and other public figures. I think good hackers can get around this change, but it makes it more difficult for them. We recommend using this tool as soon as it is available.

Meta Integrates WhatsApp, and Salesforce To Allow Merchants To Chat With Consumers.

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp will soon be able to integrate with CRM software Salesforce.


It’s time. As a CRM consultant, she was frustrated by the lack of integration between messaging apps and her mainstream CRM platform. This integration is a step in the right direction. On the WhatsApp blog, the company allows its customers (a brand of the L’Oreal Group) to use WhatsApp to reconnect with consumers who have previously purchased items in their shopping carts and sent coupons and deals. It shows an example, in a chat thread.” But there’s still something missing: integration with cell phone text messaging, which I’ll cover in more detail here.

North American companies also send robots in case productivity drops.

According to recently released data, North American companies bought a record number of robots in the first half of 2022 to make up for a struggling job market. The data shows that 12,305 units of him worth $585 million were ordered in the second quarter. 25% more than last year so far.

The importance

Companies large and small across the country are investing heavily in robotics technology to replace unavailable workers and help existing workers get more done. Prices for these units have fallen significantly in recent years, making them a more affordable investment. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this investment just because of the current economic slowdown. This will eventually come to an end, and smart companies are preparing for it.

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