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How credit card generators can facilitate trying new versions of games



Before reading this article, we consider making the air clear between virtual credit card numbers and bogus credit card numbers. Most people get confused with these numbers although there is a huge difference among them. 

Virtual credit cards are genuine prepaid cards issued by registered banks in the name of cardholders to facilitate them in paying for goods and services. Virtual credit cards are just a way of debiting money directly from existing and valid accounts. 

On the other hand, bogus credit cards are just falsified numbers generated by the tools, online credit card generators. This falsified and fake credit card number has nothing to do with real payment methods and using these technologies is getting famous with every passing day. 

So, we have also decided to emphasize the importance of credit card generators and how this technology is facilitating its users for multiple purposes, especially in the gaming world. 

What are credit card generators?

Putting simply, credit card generators are digital tools that generate a bogus credit card number to forge a valid credit card number. These online tools practically falsify a virtual credit card so that users can use these cards in distrustful situations. 

The digital credit card generators are plain software programs to generate numerically authentic credit card numbers by using the numbers of multiple credit card companies. 

No doubt these tools have been developed for credit card frauds, but they have many statutory uses such as e-commerce website checking, free trials of online games, and visiting some shopping websites. 

What is its operation?

Generally, every bank account number has its unique PAN primary account number of usually 16 digits. It is not mandatory to have a 16 digits account number, it may vary from 13 to 19, all depending on the type of strategy the bank is using. 

The digits in a bank account are separately defining a specific meaning for example, 

  • The first 6 digits refer to as INN, issuer identification number. 
  • Followed by another number that refers to the bank identification number BIN. 
  • The last 2 to 3 digits are CVV that saves your number from any accidental errors. 

The random credit card generator goes with a similar principle. 

  • First and foremost, it validates the Luhn formula or MOD 10 algorithm to generate a plausible PAN number. 
  • Next, it makes the card number more valid by generating CVV code, username, expiry date, and address too. 

What are the different types of credit card generators? 

All credit card number programs work the same, however, they might bring results differently. There are two varieties available in the digital market:

  • Single credit card generator 
  • Bulk credit card generator 
  • Single credit card generator 

But using these types of generators, only one virtual credit card number is created. This type of arrangement will be a trick for you if you require only one false card you may use for testing reasons. 

If you are unwilling to give personal info to a web host, you will have the dummy VCC that you may utilize and never get caught.

  • Bulk credit card generator 

Multiple Credit card numbers are created using bulk generators in one go. Web issuers are using software of this kind since they serve many customers at one time. 

If you need different, yet unique card numbers for multiple shops, a bulk generator will work great for you. Bulk generators are also handy if you want VCCs simultaneously for many individuals.

Credit card generator by Prepostseo 

Prepostseo is one of the most trusted credit card generator tools on the web that creates random credit card numbers, which ensures that the number is valid based on a numeric pattern and a numeric check. 

These dummy card numbers produced by this generator are not welcomed for any purchases as even the numbers are legitimate and fictitious. 

Prepostseo is a bulk credit card generator tool that can generate up to 20 falsified card numbers for facilitating not only free trials of online games but also checking multiple websites in one go. 

Credit Card generator by

One of another famous credit card generator is This website offers a free tool with different features like 

  • Name 
  • CVV
  • Passcode
  • Multiple Brand cards
  • Bulk creation at a time
  • Expiry Date

To use this, you don’t need to create any account or apply for the subscription instead, just open the site and click on the generate button. 

Credit card generators and the online gaming world 

As we have mentioned earlier, checking is the sole purpose of generating bogus credit card numbers. Most hours are spent on the internet and you would have come across too many websites that ask you for providing bank card information to log on further. 

Just say, you find an awesome online game and you fail to try it even for once because it needs your credit card information. 

Don’t rush here as your privacy and security are concerned and you do not know what is behind this curtain. 

The internet is loaded with credit card scams or frauds so utilizing the bogus credit cards generators here makes complete sense for sure. 

Some other uses 

These generators are widely used in software development departments for testing new technologies such as 

  • New websites 
  • Mobile apps 
  • E-commerce websites 
  • Learning purposes 
  • Training new clients to use credit cards 

Use the credit card generators mindfully 

The digital web tool technology is nothing less than the Holy Grail for humans but at the same time, these technologies appear to be more dubious when used in the wrong ways. 

The fake credit card number is literally using predetermined patterns that are not validated by a bank. These numbers may be passed the verification by online merchants because of utilizing the same algorithm. 

But there is no chance that you would be able to use these resources for payment purposes. Still, when someone tries using this will be considered a real crime and strict action could be taken against him. 

The Takeaway

Today, you can generate credit card numbers on numerous online free generators. We recommend you to use credit card generators as it is completely safe and free to use.

However, we consider this necessary to mention that do not buy into the tempting promises like “free cash credit card generator,” etc. 

Only fraudsters can captivate naive consumers who are always ready to take discounts and offers. You must not be tempted to buy cards that are less than their face value – no one offers you money in the first place!

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