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TikTok is no doubt people’s favorite app that is leading the charts for social media platforms especially for the trending videos on Tiktok. Its magnificent features and coolness drive people to use the app. Many people often don’t know How to add their own sound to TikTok Videos. Here in this article, we will help you in solving this issue that may also help your video in becoming the most liked video on Tiktok and most viewed video on TikTok.

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Tiktok is hooked on its format and fun content. This is an amazing video-sharing platform that enables its users to create videos and also use audio from other sources.

This fun combination of audio and video gives chance to users to create fun content to watch.

Easy Ways to Add Your Own Sound on TikTok App and on how to make videos on Tiktok

Here are some tips to add your own sound to the TikTok application. At the end of the article, you will be so happy because the list is so well executed.

Add music using a third-party source

The app has itself removed the option of adding audio. But you can add your own sound if you want your videos with your own sound or preferred voice. There are multiple video apps available that let you add audio from your phone’s library. You can choose anyone from that application and start by selecting the video. To add the audio, press the ‘add’ button and edit the video as per liking. After you have added the audio save your video in the app and you are almost there. Now to combine audio with the video select the “+” button on the TikTok app and upload it.

Use Sound Buttons for TikTok videos

The interesting fact about SoundButtons is that it can help you to go viral as you can upload the sound of your own voice. This can also help you to create memes. You can get all kinds of sounds very quickly in Sound Buttons. You must be familiar with these sounds as you must have heard them in any of your favorite gamer’s videos or funny is the most extensive collection of sounds. When you open this website you will get an option to create an account. You can create an account for free. One can add your own or favorite sound to your video. You can even record your own voice and add it.

 Change in TikTok audio feature

TikTok’s audio format as the app does not allow one’s own audio for the videos. Instead, users can select from the long list of TikTok’s music and dialogues library to support their videos. Another way is to use any other audio app to add audio. You can use that third party to add audio and editing your videos. So many fun features are available on Tiktok one of them includes a voiceover on the app itself. You have to just shoot your video and tap the editor page and then tap the voiceover button to initiate the recording. This voiceover feature is well-appreciated by all the Tiktokers.

Create new sounds on the TikTok app

You can add your unique voices or audio on the TikTok app for later use as well.

This is how it is done-

  1. In the first step, you have to select the sound you have already created and that is used in a previous video.
  2. Now, select the video and change the preference to private viewing only.
  3. Now go back and change the setting to public view when you think you are ready to upload the video.

This hack allows saves your time and prepares multiple videos that have unique audio that you created!

 Unique audio goes viral too

Fun videos go viral on the TikTok app, this makes users shot to fame using their unique audio videos. There is no ninja technique on how to get millions of views on your content and to make it viral. But some hacks and tips may help you in taking one step closer to the views. You have to make your audio sharp, crisp, and clear to the ear. Also, it must be short. Short videos get the maximum views on TikTok.The volume of the audio must be audible and must grab people’s attention. Your video and audio must match for getting the best results. The content must be original, unique, and shareworthy. Be you, do whatever you want to do, keep it original and unique. Keep your videos fun and user engaging. There are no barriers to thinking as there is a lot of scope on social media platforms for unique and out-of-the-box content and formats.

TikTok is a people’s favorite app when it comes to content making and sharing. In today’s time, its popularity has taken the forefront of the current generation’s love for creating pleasing video content. A creative platform that caters to people’s imaginations, ideas, and thoughts. The app has helped in converting passion into a profession by letting content creators earn through their content. The app’s algorithm is quite dynamic and is designed to keep the user’s demands and entertainment in check.

How to Add and Edit Music in TikTok Videos

One thing that can make a TikTok video much better than other content apps is its music. You can give any sound to your video. Whether you want to create a heartfelt emotion or a belly laugh, you can add and edit songs in your TikTok videos easily with music in the app.

Discover Music in TikTok

What makes this app cooler is that you can discover a song or artist that you love. You can then save a song so that you can use it anytime.

There are two ways to check out the music on TikTok: browsing the Sounds collection and watching a current video.

Browse Sounds

  1. To browse sounds open TikTok and tap Discover.
  2. Select the Sounds tab (at the top)
  3. A well-prepared list of popular songs, sounds, and musical effects will appear with an option at the top to Search if you like. Tap the cover image of the song or the sound effect to listen to it.
  4. When you will tap either the cover or the song, you can see videos that use the sound. You can use such videos as your inspiration to make good content yourself.
  5. Now in the next step add the song to your Favorites by tapping the bookmark icon on either the Sounds list or the song detail screen.
  6. To use the tune or song selected open the detail screen and tap Use this sound at the bottom.

Watch a Video

If you are watching a video on TikTok and like the song that is in it you can get that song, add it to your Favorites, or use it right away. All you have to do is that while watching the video, tap the sound icon present on the bottom right of the screen. By this, you will reach to detail page to listen to the full song (if applicable), see other videos using the tune, tap Add to Favorites or Use this Sound.

Add Music to Your TikTok Video

You don’t have to search for music in TikTok before creating your video. People can access the same options as above immediately before or after capturing your video. You just need to Tap the plus sign to record your video as you normally would and do one of the following.

Add Sound Before Recording

  1. To get a song before recording, you have to tap Add Sound present at the top.
  2. Browse the collection, Search for something in particular, or choose Favorites to use a saved song.
  3. To get that song, tap it and then tap the checkmark in red that appears.

You’ll find the song title at the top of your video recording screen. Record your video as you normally would, and the song will be included.

Final Note 

Tiktok is the most famous app when it comes to user-engaging youtube content. Despite the rise in demand for Instagram reels, Tiktok having lost its charm, and today also a large number of content creators use this wholeheartedly. Editing in Tiktok becomes an essential element if you want to sustain on this platform and I hope our well-curated guide on How to Add Your Own Sound to TikTok Videos will help you immensely in editing videos on youtube. In the future, we will also cover articles on how to download TikTok videos, how to delete TikTok videos, how to save TikTok videos, etc.

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