How to catch ditto in pokemon go ?

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It takes long time to catch ditto in pokemon go, but can be done quicker if you understand how pikachu ditto works in this game. It is typically one of the rarer pokemon. For the people who are new to pokemon, Ditto is a first-generation Pokemon that can transform itself into another Pokemon.To do this, Ditto not only mimics the appearance of the other Pokemon but also copies its powers. This makes Ditto almost impossible to detect. Ditto is one of the most unique mon in the entire game. When Ditto Transforms in Pokemon GO, it can copy Attack and Defense stats, but not HP. It isn’t the most competitive Pokemon in the game, but it’s still great to have for the mechanic alone. 

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How to catch ditto in pokemon go hack ?

There is nothing like “catching” Ditto. Moreover, the only way to find it is to encounter another Pokemon that is really a Ditto in disguise. It should be said upfront that catching Ditto in pokemon go is a mixture of patience and luck. 

1. Use Incense

You can use Incense to increase spawn rates. Travel around and catch every monster possible. However, it is recommended to wait for a special event that increases Incense from 60 minutes to three hours to get the maximum effect.

2. Check the Nearby tracker

Use the Nearby tool, which lists Pokemon that are nearby to you, even if you are just simply looking at the overworld while at home. If any of the ‘mon appear, click on them to see where they are located on the map. Go there right now and grab them — it might be Ditto!

3. Go to PokeStops

Place a Lure once you’ve arrived. Look for any of the monsters on the list and catch them all, just like the one above.

4. Use groups and friends

Join a Facebook or Reddit Pokemon Go group in your area. When a Ditto is sighted, other Trainers can travel to that place for a brief period and look for him. It will help you improve your chances if you have friends.

catch ditto in pokemon go hack – Know More

Ditto can transform into some selected set of Pokemon. Therefore, players who look for these pokemon specifically have a much higher chance at finding Ditto. Currently, the Pokemon that can be Dittos are as follows:

  • Hoothoot
  • Spinarak
  • Hoppip
  • Remoraid
  • Whismur
  • Gulpin
  • Numel
  • Bidoof
  • Purrloin
  • Foongus

Final Note

Be prepared to be disappointed quite a few times, but this is the best way to ensure you maximise your chances to catch a ditto pokemon. Moreover, you could also invest in a pokemon go plus 2020 device (or something similar by a third party) to maximise how many Pokemon you catch and about. It’s not a guarantee by any stretch, but it will help.

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