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How to Change Epic Games Profile Picture? Rocket League is very popular If you are an amazing player of the game Rocket League then you must know that Rocket League provides its users a default profile picture that is an avatar image. But no one likes the We all want a customized decent profile picture for our all accounts,

So in case you are also looking for ways to change the Rocket League profile picture let me tell you it’s simple. You can do it very easily. You just have to follow this quick tutorial.

Epic Games Inc is an American Video game. This game is published and developed by a publisher based in Cary, North Carolina. This company is Tim Sweeney’s company. He founded it in the year 1991 as a Potomac Computer Systems. But the parent location of the company is in Potomac Maryland.

How to Change Epic Games Profile Picture

The internet has a lot of questions on how can they change the default picture set by Epic games on their profile for the avatars listed. Here we have listed some simple steps that will help you to not only set a customized epic games profile picture along with the resetting of avatar names-

  • Initially, you have to go to the browser and open it.
  • Now after opening the web browser, you have to go to the link to Bakkesmod Rocket League trainer
  • You will find a  hyperlink, now proceed and click on this hyperlink stating  “Click here to download”.
  • When you click on it its zip file will start to download.
  • Wait for the download to finish. Don’t rush
  • When the zip file gets downloaded, you can go to the download location. You can extract files in it now
  • When the extraction of the Bakkesmod setup file is complete then hit double-click on the file so that it can run the file.
  • Now, you have to look for the next button and click on the Next button twice
  • Next look for the install button
  • As soon as you see the install button, click on that.
  • Now the installation process will begin.
  • When installation gets complete, click on finish.
  • You will see a dialog box stating that an update is available for the software downloaded. In case you are interested in the update, click on yes and it will start updating it.
  • It may take some minutes
  • When it is completed you will get an option on the screen showing “uninjected plugin waiting for user…”.

Get the AlphaConsole

To get AlphaConsole, follow the following steps-

  • Go to the website to get the plug-in.
  • When your website clicks on an install with the Bakkessmod button.
  • You will notice a pop-up that will ask you to give permissions to Open the plug installer.
  • Click
  • A prompt window will appear. Wait for a few minutes
  • Installation of the messaging plugin may take some time.
  • Press enter and close the Window

Change the profile picture

Now the main concept arrives that will let you know all the details about how can you change the Epic Games Profile Picture. Just follow the simple steps given below :

  • At first to go to the Windows search bar and start typing  %appdata%.
  • It will open the system folder from the search results.
  • Now you will get the list of various folders. You can pick anyone and locate the bakkesmod folder.
  • When you find a successful location of the folder, you may proceed to open the folder that is present in the bakkesmod folder.
  • Now you have to go to the data folder and open it quickly.
  • In this folder, you will see a plugin folder, double click on that so that it gets opened.
  • Now it’s time to set the profile picture as you want.
  • Pick any picture which you want and paste the picture that you want to keep as your Rocket League profile image.
  • Now what you all have to do is to right-click on the picture and then click on the rename option.
  • Type EpicAvatar and press Enter.

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game. This was developed and published by Psynoix.  This game is released in the year 2015 in the month of July for limited operating systems like  Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. But now they are made available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch being released later on.

Final Words

Hey folks, this is all about how to change or set Epic Games Profile Picture. I hope you would found this post informative! If Yes, then do share it with your favorites so that they can also enjoy the game to the fullest by changing the Epic Games Profile Picture.

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