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Robot Vacuum with Google Assistant: Robot vacuums are fantastic at doing the dirty work for you. Moreover,  you can also  schedule these busy tiny robots in their supporting smartphone apps or send them on a run by pressing their start button, linking bots to Google Home allows you even more ways to tell them to do your work, including just using your voice.

Robot Vacuum with Google Assistant Features

Some bots have more features than many others. The majority of robotic vacuums which are connected with smartphone apps will function with Google Home with voice control via the Google Assistant.

They can all be told to enable or disable. Some can be sent back to their docks; while others can be told to clean a particular room. You may also use the voice assistant to locate your robot vacuum if it has vanished beneath some furniture, as well as change settings if your vacuum supports it.

The orders are simple to use with Google voice control, especially if you can only have one robot vacuum in your home. “Hey Google, start cleaning,” you may simply say. You don’t even have to name your robot.

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The Google Home app on your tablet or phone is used to connect your robot vacuum to Google Assistant. You must first have the robots manufacturer’s application installed on your device and have an account set up.

How to use Robot Vacuum with Google Assistant?

You’ll be able to monitor your robot vacuum by using Google Assistant through every Nest blue-tooth speaker or smart screen once you’ve connected it to your Google Home app. If you’re using a smart display; you’ll also see manual controllers for the bot, such as start/pause, a stop button, and a connect button.

So you can use touch and voice commands to operate the robot from the display. These features are also accessible in the Google Home app, and you may also chat to the Assistant through the app.

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