Roblox avatar: how to customize your Roblox avatar like a pro

Customize your Roblox avatar

Do you want to customize your Roblox avatar? Would you like to look cool or funky? If you want to customize your Avatar like a Pro, you need Robux. So before we begin with our guide on How to Customize your outfits and modify the entire look of your Roblox Avatar you should first know what Roblox is and how to get free Robux? read the link below for that.

What is Roblox? How to get Free Robux?

How do I make my Avatar a girl or a boy?

Choosing whether your Avatar is a boy or a girl is a decision that you have to take when you create your account. Although you can later update it. 

Customize your Roblox avatar by Changing the account gender

You change your gender by setting it up on your Account Settings page? Follow these steps to change gender:

  • Go to the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen and select Settings from the menu that appears.
  • On the Settings page, scroll down to the Personal section.
  • Then Select the appropriate sex icon.

Note: Changing these settings will not change the look of your Avatar.

How do I edit my Avatar?

To Add an Item

Step 1. On the Avatar Editor page, tap on any drop-down menus available and select a category (e.g. hat, hair, face, etc.)

Step 2. If you have more than one item provided, scroll down until you find the item you are looking for.

Step 3. Once selected, tap on the item icon, which will highlight you in green. 

If you would like to add more than a soft limit (e.g. more than 3 hats) for a given item, tap Advanced in the lower right corner. You can add up to 10 items by entering the asset ID found in the item link. 

How To delete an item in Roblox?

Step 1 – On the Avatar Editor page, tap Later, or select an active category (e.g. hat, hair, face, etc.)

Step 2 – Under the latest drop-down menu, everyday items should be included in the first list. Instead of selecting an active category, scroll down until you find what you would like to extract.

Step 3 – Tap the highlighted green item-icon.

Note: If you add or remove an item and your Avatar does not display it correctly, tap the “Redraw” link below your Avatar image.

How To change skin colour to customize your Roblox avatar?

While changing clothes is fun, you want to change the colour of your Avatar skin. The following steps will help you to change the colour of your skin with the Roblox website.

Step 1- Navigate to the Avatar section of your account on the left side of the page.

Step 2- On this page, move your cursor to the Body drop-down menu and select Skin Tone.

Step 3- From here, tap the colour to change the look of your entire Avatar.

Step 4- If you want a different colour for each body part, tap Advanced in the lower right corner.

Step 5- From here, tap on the body part and select the colour you want.

Mobile: customize your Roblox avatar like a Pro

You can also customize your ROBLOX avatar through your mobile devices, like smartphone and tablets.

How to wear or remove an inventory item?


  1. Select the item you wish to wear or eliminate from your stock
  2. To wear the item, drag Wear This slide bar to Yes 
  3. To eliminate the item, move the Wear This slide bar to No


  1.  At the lower part of the screen, Tap the More catch. 
  2. Then Tap on Avatar 
  3. Now you can dress your Avatar as you would through the site.

How to change your Avatar’s skin colour?


It is right now difficult to change your skin colour utilizing a smartphone application; nonetheless, this should, in any case, be possible through the internet browser by getting to the full webpage. 

Step 1- Open your gadget’s internet browser. 

Step 2- Navigate to 

Step 3- If you’re not signed in, tap View Full Site, sign in and jump to stage 5; if you are signed in, move to stage 4. 

Step 4- If you are signed in, tap the symbol that seems like three stacked lines in the upper-left corner to raise the menu, look to the base, and tap Full Site. 

Step 5- Once the full site has loaded, tap the icon that resembles three piled lines in the upper-left to pull up the menu (if it isn’t open as of now)

Here onwards Tap on Avatar and follow the steps you would follow on a PC.  


Step 1- Tap the More button at the lower part of the screen 

Step 2- Next Tap on Avatar 

Step 3- Then you can change your skin tone as you would when you use the website.

Xbox One App: customize your Roblox avatar

You can change the appearance of your Avatar by going to the Avatar tab and choosing the one that is available to you for a claim. There are a few free Avatars and numerous available to be purchased for Robux. 

You can additionally customize your Xbox avatar like a pro through the Avatar Editor. To get to it: 

Step 1- Log into your Roblox account through the Xbox application 

Step 2- Navigate to the Avatar tab 

Step 3- Press the Y button 

On this screen, you can alter different parts of your Avatar’s look, like Clothing, Body, Animation and Outfits. You can likewise flip your Avatar somewhere in the range of R6 and R15 and audit your look in Full View.

Browser: Costumes Feature

Roblox permits users to customize their Avatar like a Pro in many unique ways and the capacity to save combinations for speedy evolving. The Costumes highlight enables a client to save various adaptations of their customized Avatar. To utilize this component, follow the below steps:

Step 1-Navigate to your Avatar segment situated in the navigation menu. 

Step 2-Add or eliminate things until you like your Avatar. 

Step 3-Once the Avatar is set, tap the Costumes tab.

Step 4-Tap Create New Costume.

Step 5-Enter a name and afterwards tap on Create. 

When another costume is made, the accompanying alternative costumes become accessible: 

  • Update 
  • Rename 
  • Delete 

Tap the gear icon, situated at the lower-right of the outfit, to raise the choices.

Note: You can make up to 50 custom costumes for yourself. When you refresh the current costumes, the action will overwrite the outfit with the Avatar’s present appearance.

Final Note

All things considered, you can customize your Roblox Avatar like a pro. Roblox is working its way up to keep the players interested. This is indeed a good approach and also a statistically proven one. Enjoy additional features of Roblox and make new companions. Do share with us your favourite items in Roblox inventory.


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