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Since Krafton announced Battlegrounds Mobile for India as PUBG Mobile has caused great exhilaration among players who have waited for months to relaunch, it has undoubtedly created an unprecedented hype among players. Additionally, it has updated PUBG Mobile available in other regions with new features ahead of the Battlegrounds Mobile launch in India.

New mods in PUBG Mobile 

This week PUBG Mobile patch will introduce new modes, new arena maps, vehicles, and combat enhancements, according to Sportskeeda. Godzilla vs. Kong seems to have been a significant influence on the latest patch as it introduces King Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla to the game.

PUBG Mobile to relaunch in India as Battlegrounds Mobile India

The Titan last stand. Erangel Titan Crystal- a particular throwable item that knocks back and burns enemies. Sanhok Titan Crystal- a special crystal that enhances the player’s abilities, such as running speed and jump height. Players can board a helicopter in the lobby to reach Titan’s Last Stand.

Check out the latest Arena Map.

In addition to Team Deathmatch, arena training, and team Gun Game, the Hangar will also feature a new arena map.

Shooting mode is now available in PUBG Mobile 

Also available in System Settings is an over-the-shoulder combat option. With an increased recoil and revamped skin, the M249 has been optimizing. Additionally, new magazine and stock attachments have been adding.

New features for Friends

The game now includes friend moments as well as sharing statuses as a social component. Security improvements, Royale Pass season 19, begins May 17, and basic performance improvements are included.

The latest PUBG Mobile 1.4 patch update carries a file size of 660 MB for Android and around 1.67GB for iOS. PUBG Mobile is found on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can download the new patch by tapping the update option. For those trying to download the update using the APK file, here’s how you can do it.

Install the APK file on your device by going to the Settings menu, selecting Unknown Sources, and then selecting the file.

Once you’ve located the APK file, select the Install option.

Step 3: Once the installation process is complete, you will be asked to choose either of the two resource packs- Low-spec Resource Pack or HD Resource Pack.

Step 4: Following this, click on the ‘Guest’ option once the in-game patches are complete. In the dialog box that appears, you will be asked to enter the Invitation Code. Fill in the details and then hit the ‘OK button.

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