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One of the best items of Minecraft farm chorus fruit is a unique item that has multiple uses. Chorus fruit is obtained from chorus plants. They are eaten to restore hunger and are a good source of saturation. When Minecraft players eat chorus fruit, they will be teleported in any given direction within an eight-block radius, similar to that of an Enderman’s teleportation abilities. The chorus fruit can be cooked into popped fruit which can turn into end rods or pur-pur blocks. Farms of chorus fruits are simple to make and require low maintenance.

How to get a chorus flower in minecraft?

Collecting End Essentials

The hardest part is getting the materials in the first place. To create a chorus fruit farm, The players have to travel all the way to the end and grab the essentials in order to create a chorus fruit farm. End stone is very easy to get. It is present literally everywhere within the end dimensions. Chorus flowers are extremely different to get. Minecraft players have to travel out to the outer islands of the end to find chorus flowers.

Players will find an endless amount of tall chorus plants in the outer plants growing out of the ground. These chorus plants cannot re-grow without obtaining the chorus flower. The chorus flower lives on the top of the tall plant.

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Gamers should tower up to the top of chorus plants and mine the chorus flowers so that they can start their farm. If you are thinking that the chorus plant will fall as soon as the plant is broken, then you are wrong. They can only be dropped manually by a player.

When the players have obtained a sufficient amount of end stone chorus flowers, they can start their chorus fruit farm.

Building the Farm

Chorus plants will only grow when chorus flowers are placed onto end stone. Chorus plants will grow all Minecraft dimensions with any type of surrounding light level. So, players can put a chorus fruit farm wherever they please in a Minecraft world.

After you discovered the location you can construct the farm. While it is optional, another material can be used in a chorus fruit farm, and that is glass panes.

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Place end stone blocks in a row. Place towers of glass panes so that they maintain their long, skinny, singular form.

Glass panes prevent the chorus plants from growing into odd shapes. This enables a cleaner, more organized chorus fruit farm.

Once the glass is placed, plant the chorus flowers onto the end stone. Then, all there’s left to do is wait for the plants to grow.

Chorus plants have become the players’ favorite, they can easily collect chorus fruit by breaking the very bottom block of the plant. This will cause the rest of the blocks in the plant to break and drop chorus fruits.

Chorus flowers growing on top of these plants will need to be collected before breaking the entire plant. Otherwise, it will be lost forever. This can be done by placing scaffolding that allows gamers to climb up and down easily. From there, re-plant the chorus flower and repeat.

Where to find chorus fruit in Minecraft

The chorus fruit is a unique and most interesting item in Minecraft. It is the only source of food. It also acts as a form of transportation. You can find the chorus fruit in Minecraft naturally. It will be more effective if you create chorus tree farms.

Naturally, you will find Chorus Fruit in The End. You have to defeat the Ender Dragon so that you can go to the outer islands where the chorus trees grow.

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These trees look like coral and can be quite tall. Chorus trees are made up of the chorus plant and the chorus flower. The chorus plants have a chance of dropping the desired chorus fruit.

Chorus tree farms in Minecraft

The best way how you can acquire a chorus fruit in Minecraft is to create a chorus tree farm.

Break chorus trees to collect flowers. The players can place them on top of an End Stone to grow another chorus tree.

These trees can be changed in any dimension. This is great for players who want a consistent supply of chorus fruit without going back to The End.

Top 5 uses for chorus fruit in Minecraft

Chorus fruit is an interesting and unique food and item in Minecraft. It was introduced to Minecraft during the 1.9 updates. There are many uses of this item.

As we know that Chorus fruit naturally grows in the end dimension in long chorus trees. The color of the plant is purple, and can actually grow quite tall. Minecraft players can eat chorus fruit and grow it themselves in the overworld.

This weird and unique fruit is well known to players, but what other uses does it have besides food? Here are a few uses for chorus fruit that Minecraft players may find helpful.

Best 5 uses for chorus fruit in Minecraft

1.Hunger saturation and bar

Chorus fruit is a great food for Minecraft. Players to eat and store in their inventories.4 hunger points and 2.4 heath points are restored from this chorus fruit. While this might not seem like much to players, it can come in really handy at times.

Chorus fruit is one of the only foods to restore saturation with a full hunger bar. This is an incredibly useful item.


Chorus fruit allows players to teleport(the only fruit in Minecraft that can do so). Teleportation with chorus fruit will transport the player anywhere within an 8 block radius.

Many players associate chorus fruit teleportation with ender pearls. But this is not the case. Chorus fruit can teleport players through blocks, while ender pearls are unable to go through blocks. Also, the teleportation in chorus fruits is so random. Whereas when a player throws an ender pearl, they have the ability to determine where they teleport to and they can travel more than 8 blocks away.

3.Gardening and decorations

Chorus fruit IS OF purple color. This color makes this plant so beautiful as not many fruits and plants possess this color.  Since chorus fruit also grows in random, unique directions, they can be a good decoration to use in bland houses to add character.

Chorusonly grows in end soil, so players have to reach there before they’re able to plant these fruits in their houses. Always keep the chorus farm fruits around as you don’t know when the fruits will come in handy.

4.Elytra landings

Many Minecraft players use elytras. Basically, this is used to look for new tips and tricks to fly around. When you eat chorus fruit with elytra on the fruits will teleport to the ground no matter how far away they were flying from it.

The best technique to use to land safely.  It’s also a great way to lose other players who may be following with their own elytra.

5.Popped chorus fruit

Players can smelt chorus fruit in a furnace in order to get popped chorus fruit.  Regular chorus fruit can be eaten but popped chorus fruit can’t be eaten. Popped chorus fruit can be used to craft other important and rare items in Minecraft.

One of these items is an end rod. The popped chorus fruit can be inculcated with a blaze rod in order to make an end rod. This end rod can be looked at as a white light source. End rods act as great decoration items for Minecraft bases and houses.

Popped chorus fruit makes pur-pur blocks. These are purple-colored blocks found in end cities off of the main end island.


Chorus fruit will help players teleport a small distance when they are consumed. Chorus fruit will help the player move eight blocks in any direction. One thing to note here is that players can be teleported in any direction. These are fast methods of transportation if the player is trying to dodge an attack from a mob or dodge a creeper. There is a slight chance that these items can teleport the player closer to the creeper. These fruits give players the same effect as the Minecraft enderman mob. This mob can teleport around the player a few blocks at a time, but never too far of a distance. Similarly, chorus fruit has the same effect.

7.Popped Chorus Fruit

You know what, the most interesting thing about chorus fruit is that it can be smelted into popped chorus fruit. Unlike the raw thing, this item is inedible and players can only use it for crafting items such as end rods and purpur blocks. End rods can be used as a source of light or Players will be able to create these items using the smelted chorus fruit as one of the main ingredients. Purpur blocks are another cool thing that Minecraft players can make. These blocks are simply made for only decoration purpose and nothing else. Players can smelt chorus fruit by placing them in the top of the furnace and placing fuel in the bottom box. The ending result of the popped chorus fruit will appear on the right.

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